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received my third shipment today , junk,junk,junk will never buy from wayfair again


bend or


Bed purchase with Affirm


I purchased a bed and frame on this site. The process was very easy. I had been researching beds when they had a sale. So I got a great deal on a Cal-King mattress and frame. I used the affirm option to pay. Which is small interest monthly payments. It was broken down into 12 payments. I believe the total interest amount was less than $100 which was still less than bed packages else where.




bathroom cabinet


First the back of the cabinet was broken,called to get a replacement have not received it yet, after a month. The screws used to steady the cabinet does not fit which means the cabinet is not steady. Wasted my money would not advise any one to purchase this item




Poor company to do business with!


I do not recommend ordering from Wayfair unless you are 100% positive you know what you are getting. The rug I ordered was not accurately described and returning it turned into a costly problem for me! It was expensive to return, and worse yet, they didn't credit my credit card until a month and a half after receiving it, which only happened after I called to follow-up on why it hadn't occurred. Not customer friendly or helpful at all!!!!!!


LaCrosse, WI


Good website


I saw wayfair.com advertised on another site, so I decided to check it out. When I visited the site, I was immediately asked for a name and email address. In my opinion, this is a downside to the site. I would rather look around a site first and determine if I want to use it before I give them my personal information. But as I continued exploring the site, I found that they were offering a sale of up to 70% off in anticipation of Christmas. Since we needed some new Christmas decor anyway, I continued shopping until I found some Christmas decorations for the fireplace mantel that I was sure my wife would like. I chose a couple different options and was able to reach the threshold of $49 in order to receive free shipping. Checkout was relatively simple and straight-forward as well. Overall, I was very pleased with the entire process, other than the initial request for my personal information. I will consider using this site again the next time I have a need for Christmas decorations.




Did not support commitmnt Staff and administrative personnel


They charged me for return of a chair because I was not available on date weeks before it was due. They said that thy called . Never recieved a notice of missed call on my cell phone. They said they sent me e-mail.but never recieved. Two false claims. BECARFUL!!!


Tyler, Texas


Prices change mid day without any warning


Teying ro buy an island, price was advertised at $979.99. An hour later, the time it took for find the coupon sent to my home when i changed my address, it jumped to $1699.99. I called figuring they would rectify it as any good business would. They wouldnt honor the coupon if they changed the price to what it was. There was no writing stating price would change. I could understand after midnight for the next day, but mid day for no reason? Bad business practice!


Wilmington De


horrible service


I live in VA and renovating my vacation house in FL. I placed an order to buy a kitchen sink at Wayfair, which was accepted. Next day I got an email from the company stating that the order has been cancelled. When I called the co, an associate told me that the shipping address and the credit card address have to be the same!! WHY????? I explained he the situation.... and the following day I've got this email from their processing department. They advising to change a billing address on my credit card to my vacation home in order fro them to accept my order! Well.. how about contacting credit card and checking with them?? This is one of the most ridiculous customer services I've ever experienced. -------------------------------------------------------------- "Hi ...., I am following up with you on behalf of our Order Processing Team. They have received your request to reinstate your order, and regrettably are not able to do so due to the inability to authenticate your information and the charge. In order to place a new order, you will need to ship to the billing address on file with the card issuer. If you are not able to do that, any future orders will be canceled as well. If you need to update your billing information, you will want to contact your card issuer to do so. Please note that it's generally best to wait 24 to 48 hours after you make a change with the card issuer before attempting a new order to allow for their systems to update fully. Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns. Thank you for shopping with Wayfair.com. Sincerely, LYNDSI L. THE WAYFAIR.COM TEAM"


McLean Virginia


this is a nightmare


This company is a nightmare to deal with whenever you any problem with any issues. the worst management and staff skills. Nobody knows anything and so incompetent. their prices may cheap but the service is cheaper. don't deal with them because of that reason. its not worthy. dealing with someone else even though paying more but no nightmares. trust me. this company is horrible.


west palm




Placed an order for my business over a month ago. Of course they try and deliver after 5 even though I have a business account and called them to let them know ahead of time. They said if they don't arrive in time they would come next day. No call or show the next day. Now they are telling us we must wait another week and have a 12 hour delivery window of 8 am to 8 pm. I will never use them again.


Mt Laurel, NJ



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