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WaterRidge Kitchen Faucet

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You get what you pay for


I installed the Patrician Series Kitchen Faucet with Soap Dispenser Item #609030 about three years ago. The bottle that holds the soap below the dispenser split at the threads the second time I filled the bottle. I have tried dozens of replacement bottles, and even used household product bottles, but none of them have the same threads/neck size. The faucet sprays too hard, even on a low setting, and splashes water everywhere. I've been too busy to bother with it, but it's time to get it out of my life.




I love my Water Ridge faucets - they just work.


This unit is newer than mine but is the same style. I adore mine - not something I often say. I didn't want this style, my husband did. I was convinced it would be nothing but problems. Installed the kitchen faucet myself about 10 years ago. It dripped a bit after 6 years, replaced an o ring and it's been great ever since. I installed a WR faucet in the bath sink a few years later and it too has been problem free. Easy to install, finish holds up well, customer service has been good when I've dealt with them (o ring). We just moved into a new house which has Delta, Hansgrohe, Jado and a couple Kohler fixtures (4 baths plus kitchen, 2 bars, utilities). ALL needed work. I'm on my 11th plumber. The Delta and Moen have been ok for repair - parts available and everyone knows them. The Hansgrohe has taken 3 plumbers who say they're fixed (when not) or say they can't be fixed. The Jado has been an absolute nightmare and the cause of requiring 11 plumbers. No one wants to work on them and those who try give up quickly. I'm replacing a few fixture here and there...with Water Ridge...they're less expensive and they work for me.




I love my new WaterRidge kitchen faucet from Costco.


I love the new Water Ridge faucet.  It is big, but I like big.  The pull-out feature for the hose is very nice- and the soap dispenser gets rid of having a nasty soap dish on the counter.  The water pressure if great, and the water tastes great too.  I would absolutely reccomend this faucet.


Anchorage, AK


Poor quality, incomplete instructions


I wouldn't have bought this faucet if I'd realized what poor quality it is. Besides seeming to be made of plastic, the instructions fail to be close to complete. If not for help on a blog, I never would have been able to make the final connections, as there was a part that had to be removed, before the hose could be connected. Unfortunately, I spent a lot of time and frustration before someone thankfully alerted me to this quirk. Next time, I'll stick with one of the name brands. I suspect next time will be sooner than I'd hoped.


Saint Louis, MO


Not only poor quality but DANGEROUS too!!!


We purchased a WaterRidge Lavatory Faucet Model F70A4601NP from Costco.  We used it less than 1 year.  **Last week I turned on the water and the "Stem" blew off and slammed into my forehead, cutting me and leaving a big hicci. ** Thank goodness it didn't hit me in the eye.  We have tried to call their customer service but have been put on hold for 20 minutes at a time and then a recording comes on to say *"we are experiencing a large volume of calls at this time, please call again later". * Well, we called later and just keep getting the same treatment.  It's no wonder they are experiencing a large volume of calls - their product is extremely poor quality and** DANGEROUS**.  DON'T BUY ONE.


Naples, FL


do not buy a Waterridge Kitchen faucet!


i bought  a  WaterRidge kitchen faucet from Costco  about  2  years  ago  and  last week  the  handle  fell off!! This faucet  has  lite use coz  I  am  the only  one in the house!!  It's a  piece of junk  that  Costco  should not be carrying.


Honolulu, HI


Great faucet.. Easy to install Looks and works great!


I have to say that in my kitchen, in our townhouse, the install required me to remove the sink.  After that the install of the faucet itself was a breeze.  I fell in love with the install hardware and the quality of the parts verse what I was replacing. If the hardware of the original had been of the same quality I probably would have not have had to remove the sink in the first place. I also loved the completeness of the kit Water Ridge kit.  Everything extra parts.. just in case.. tools (I didn't use).. even Teflon tape. the faucet has been in for a month and we LOVE it.


Seattle, WA


WaterRidge Kitchen faucet works well,great support when neededl


I've had the pull-down kitchen faucet for about two years and have experienced a change in the water flow due to the handle not staying in the set position.  I contacted WaterRidge tech support and was told immediately the cause of the problem, and that replacement parts to correct the problem would be shipped at no cost to me. I think that's just great service, and I'm sure I will be pleased with the end results. Oh, yes, just discovered I can mount the handle facing forwards, which I will do. Bernard R. Shelton


Chino Valley, AZ


WaterRidge Kitchen Faucet

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