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Moen Chateau Single Handle Centerset Kitchen Faucet with Side Spray 7434

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Moen Model 7400 is as Basic as a Kitchen Faucet Gets


I wish I could sing the praises of the **Moen Kitchen Faucet - Model 7400**, but alas, there aren't that many praises to sing.   It's a completely utilitarian model with a traditional profile and no extra bells and whistles.   In short, nothing to write home - or a praise-filled review - about. Still, on the plus side, the **Moen Kitchen Faucet** **#7400** is: - dependable - affordable - functional - easy to clean - easy to operate with its one-handled lever - fits well with the Brita filter we installed on it - provides a good, steady flow of water On the minus side, the **Moen Kitchen Faucet Model 7400:** - has no attached sprayer - doesn't pull out or retract - doesn't have any distinctive style - doesn't have any bells or whistles Since the faucet does what a faucet is supposed to, I definitely have to recommend the **Moen Kitchen Faucet - 7400**.  We've never had any problems with any of our Moen faucets so I feel this is a quality brand.  However, if you have a little more money to spend, I think it's worth it to upgrade to a more substantive faucet in the Moen line.  That way, you'll get a faucet that's dependable, but also one that has a little more function and decorative appeal than the #7400 model.


Chicagoland, IL


MOEN Chateau Kitchen faucet


My husband and I have lived in our home for 13 years now.  We build this home from scratch.  We picked the lot out and had the plans drawn up and gave them to an architect as well.  So, that means we also picked out all the appliances down to the fixtures as well.  We went with MOEN for the reliability, not knowing that they had a LIFETIME WARRANTY.  They have outlasted like no others.  I must say we have had to replace the kitchen parts of the faucet a couple times but MOEN has sent us the pieces FREE OF CHARGE.  I have also just had to replace a small part of the Master Bathroom Tub faucet and the plumber told me to just call the 1-800 number and order the part and he would install the piece for me.  The MOEN company is absolutely OUTSTANDING.  With having 3 boys from toddlers and all are now grown, 2 in college and the youngest in High School, they have been thru the test of time.  I will ONLY purchase MOEN for the rest of our lives.  


Raleigh, NC


Doesn't last


I've had this faucet for about five years. When you swivel the faucet back and forth, it sticks and makes a grating sound. And when you use the sprayer, you only get about 1/3 to 1/2 the water...the rest goes down the drain from the faucet wasted. Also squirts out water around the screw on screen thing so your counters get wet no matter how careful you are. And, I found this out right away...AFTER I had a plumber install it....it doesn't fit my PUR water filter...at HD they said "Oh, yeah, Moen faucets don't." Thanks for telling me, NOW. Plus, there's no adapter to make it work. I'll be replacing it soon, and glad of it.


Kennesaw, GA


This Moen Faucet works great


I recently replaced our kitchen sink faucet with the Moen Chateau Single Handle Centerset Faucet with a Side Sprayer. Initial impressions of the Moen sink faucet were that it was all metal, including the brackets and hardware. Installation was a breeze - the hardest part was trying to remove the rusted out parts of the previous faucet. Installation consists of two brackets for the main faucet part, a quick-connect link for the side sprayer, and connections for the hot and cold water lines. It was as simple as just screwing everything on. One quick note: make sure that you have the faucet seated with the correct side facing the front - it will save you from having to redo everything! The only con that I can think of is that the hot and cold water connector lines were very short. That meant that I needed to purchase some longer length hoses to connect the faucet to my existing water lines. Other than that, everything about this faucet is rock solid!


Wilmington, NC


Moen is da bomb


The Moen Chateau Sink faucet with side spray is great.  I have one in my downstairs bathroom. I am willing to spend money on one more for my upstairs bathroom. Maybe even my kitchen. My sister bought a Moen sink faucet for her kitchen and she loves it. My brother bought two for his bathrooms. My niece is planning on buying Moen products for her house too. If I remember correctly, my mother had a Moen sink faucet in the bathroom in my old house years ago. So, it seems my whole family loves Moen products because of value and just overall design.


Syracuse, NY


Moen Faucets work and look great.


The Moen shower faucet we put in are bath worked so well that when it came time to replace the kitchen faucet we went directly to Moen faucets in the home improvement store. Now I have only Moen Faucets in my home. Thay don't only work great their meny styles look great to.


Muskegon, MI


I would only purchase moen faucets for my home.


  HeIllo I know you don,t know me,ican only speak through my on experiance,with this product.I have always purchased moen faucets and have allways been very satisfied.It,s a great product and there priced reasonably well.             


Euclid, OH


the moen chateau sink faucet w/sidespray has a smooth operation


My sink faucet in my home got to leaking excessive went shopping and found the Moen Chateau faucet w/side sprayer. It was not the cheapist one stores had but looked like it was built dependable and nice looking so purchased it installed and I was right for picking it over others I have been through lot of faucets but this one has the best spay i have seen.


Fayette, MS


Great Look, Great Design, Great Deal!!


I purchased this faucet a year ago and i couldnt have liked my choice any better. I have been really happy that i decided to pick Moen Chateau for my choice. It has been very quiet no leaks, and no squeeky noices. Great Price! Great Deal!


Haskell, TX


Distinctive Design


**The Moen Chateau Sink Faucet w/Sidespray adds a very stylish touch to our kitchen.  We purchased a fixer-upper a few years ago. It is an older cottage with quite a bit of fixing up to be done.  We have enjoyed adding special little touches in making it our own.  In this economy we really cannot afford major changes but smaller personal touches like curtain rods, doorknobs, and classy faucets and showerheads can really add a little something extra.** **About a year or so ago we needed a new showerhead and installed a Moen. Had never used the Moen brand before but really liked the style.  We have really enjoyed it and it does add a little extra style to our very basic, no frills bathroom.  So a couple of months ago when it was time to replace the kitchen faucet we immediately considered the **Moen Chateau Sink Faucet w/Sidespray.  My husband does the cooking and the kitchen is his domain. Now that he is retired he is spending even more time in the kitchen.  He loves the **Moen Chateau Sink Faucet w/Sidespray** for its functionality.  We both love the style.****


Toledo, OR


Moen Chateau Single Handle Centerset Kitchen Faucet with Side Spray 7434

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