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Salad Dressing
Walden Farms
Walden Farms Asian Calorie Free

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Sweet No Calorie Dressing


I am a huge fan of healthy foods, so I really love salad dressing that adds flavor to your favorite greens, but doesn't bulk up on the calories.  **Walden Farms Asian Calorie Free** is a great dressing to use because it has a lot of flavor, but no calories.  This dressing is easy to pour and has a sweet and sesame flavor.  This is perfect for making your own asian salad at home, and I love it on vegetables.  For a little crunch mix your favorite veggies and greens and a few sesame seeds.  This is the perfect way to add a great asian flair to your salads without a lot of calories and fat.

Las Vegas, NV


Walden Farms Asian Calorie Free

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