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Vision Pro Rearview Wide Angle Mirror

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Vision Pro Rearview Mirror is too big, too dark


I've used my Vision Pro rearview Wide Angle Mirror for one week.  It snaps on over your car's rearview mirror just like the instructions say, so it's easy to install and adjust.  Once installed, the driver's vision out of the back of the car is much wider - however, I find that it's rather distorted.  The mirror seems to make everything smaller in order to get that panoramic view into the mirror, so for me, it's difficult to tell if a car is 15 ft behind or a block behind.  Also, the mirror itself is 14 inches wide and 4 inches tall (at the widest part in the middle).  The large size of the mirror blocks some of my vision out the front windshield.  The mirror's glass is tinted very dark.  I don't know the reason for this, but it makes whatever you see out the back very dark.  It feels like night in the middle of the day. Maybe after using this mirror for a long period of time, a driver will get used to it.  I've only used mine for 7 days and removed it.  This mirror came as a set of 2.  I was going to keep one and give the other as a gift.  Now I'm too embarrassed to give this as a gift to anybody.  It seems like a silly purchase and I'm sorry I got suckered in.


Topeka, KS


Vision Pro Rearview Wide Angle Mirror

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