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Turtle Wax - Zip Wax Car Wash

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Squeaky Clean


Let me start off buy saying I bought my first car, as such, it means a lot to me to make sure my car is completely taken care of and beautiful on the outside as it is on the inside. I've spend quite a bit of money on car cleaning products, and I've also tested quite a few. I love the entire line of turtle was products, and the zip was car wash is no exception. It is very easy to use. I simply pour it into a bucket of water and its ready to go. It suds easily, as I have the issue of car washes not sudsing the appropriate amount needed. The formula isn't harsh smelling either, as I have an issue with car wash formulas that smell as if they have been over ridden with chemicals. It is actually pleasant. I wash my car, then I rinse. The formula rinses extremely clean and with no residue. It leaves my car extremely clean and streak free. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who wants a beautifully clean car.

Charlotte, TN


Wow it Works


When I used Turtle wax - Zip Car Wash it took my sons Old "New car to him" Car he just bout at Autos Only in Burien Washington look as if it was at lease five years younger. It works hard for you don't have to. If you have a car truck or SUV that has no luster left in the paint I say go out and Buy yourself some turtle Wax - Zip Car Wash and see your paint come alive.

Seattle, WA


Just don't get in on your windows!


I used this car wax when the weather got nice recently, and overall, it worked very well, however the places where I got my windows, well let's just say you could tell it wasn't exactly made for them. When it rained, the wax made the car look lovely and beaded, lol it had a pleasant smell and I'll definitely use it again.

Merrillville, IN


Turtle Wax - Zip Wax Car Wash

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