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Splash De-Icer Windshield Washer Fluid, 1 Gal

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32oz spray (yellow liquid in bottle) Prestone Windshield De-icer


I got this product at Walmart on a whim thinking it would not work very well. Just the opposite, it has been a lifesaver. When there is ice on your vehicle windshield just spray the surface that needs clearing and then hit your wipers a couple of times to clear and you have a clean windshield within seconds. No wasting gas warming up your car for 15 minutes to do the job. No scraping is required. I was so surprised it was so easy. I just love it and will buy again when I run out.

Barboursville, VA


Splash De-Icer Windshield Washer Fluid is very helpful in winter


Who would have thought that after digging the car out of the snow my regular windshield wiper fluid would be frozen solid?  This was not only inconvenient but made my car unsafe for driving. **Next batter up was Splash De-Icer. ** It is supposed to protect work in cold weather down to -37 degrees.  I can assure you that I would not leave the house if it was 37 degrees below zero but in what is starting to look like our second rough winter in a row in Virginia, I can vouch that Splash De-Icer works in cold weather below 20 degrees.  Besides not freezing and still working to help clear your icy or dirty windshield in below freezing temperatures, Splash De-Icer seemed to work like any other windshield fluid.  It certainly made the work load a little lighter for my defroster.  It was super easy to add to the windshield washer fluid well under the hood of the car.  Yes, I am sure because I watched the man do it myself and feel pretty confident I could have added it myself, especially if I had a funnel-thingy.   ***My Viewpoint:***  I recommend Splash De-Icer for keeping the windshield clean and clear in below freezing temperatures.  

Big Island, VA


Splash De-Icer is a very effective windshield washer fluid!


I live in upstate New York where the weather is already getting nasty. We have had snow for a couple weeks now and it has been cold! Although a lot of people have the auto start feature for their car as I do, some do not and others (like me) forget to use it. I hate going out in the freezing cold in the morning and having to scrape ice off my windshield. It doesn't make for a great start to the day. I was at Sears and my husband suggested that we try **Splash De-Icer Windshield Washer Fluid. **It was around $3.19 a gallon, which I thought, was a bit pricey but if it worked, it was worth it. ***About Splash De-Icer ***Splash De-Icer is considered a premium windshield washer fluid that removes frost and ice. It cleans to a streak-free shine and protects up to -30°F below zero. ***My Experience ***After we got home, we emptied the fluid we currently had in the car by just spraying it until it was empty. Like adding any other fluid, we opened the hood, unscrewed the windshield wiper fluid cap and poured it in until it was full. Very cold temperatures and a mixture of rain and snow were forecast for the next day but I was ready. By the time I got outside the next morning, the prediction was correct and I had a thick layer of snow that turned to ice on my windshield. Usually I would have started scraping but this time I got in the car and began to spray the windshield washer fluid on to the windshield. Within seconds, the ice began to melt and all I was left with was some slush that a single use of the windshield wiper cleared away. The glass looked crystal clear and needless to say, I was very impressed. I decided that instead of scraping the side windows, that I would use this in a spray bottle. It works great. ***My Final Viewpoint*** I am very pleased with **Splash De-Icer Windshield Washer Fluid **and it is now my regular brand of fluid in the winter. It's actually a lifesaver for me because I am always late and now I don't have to spend extra time scraping. All I have to do is hop in, spray and go! I would highly recommend this product and I am giving it a ***4 star rating***. I would have gone with 5 but removed a star because of the higher price.

Somewhere in, NY


Splash De-Icer Windshield Washer Fluid, 1 Gal

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