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University of Minnesota WebAnatomy Web Site

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WebAnatomy Web Site Has GREAT Study Tools for Anatomy!


I am quite impressed with the University of **Minnesota's WebAnatomy web site**. I remember the days when I had to take Anatomy and Physiology. It involved a HUGE amount of memorization, but I had an excellent instructor who actually made the class interesting. That could have been a horribly boring class. I now teach classes online and am always on the look-out for interesting web sites to augment my students' learning. The University of Minnesota's WebAnatomy web site is great. WebAnatomy offers several choices: - Self tests - Timed tests - Multiplayer games - Image bank **What I like about WebAnatomy:** - It's easy to use. Just make a choice and click, and you're quickly into a game. - This site is nicely organized and uses fonts and color combinations that are eye friendly. - There are lots of choices. You can choose something simple like the basic major bones of the body (my 8-year-old just had a test on these bones in her class) or you can choose very specific areas that are more detailed. It also includes medical terminology games. - It offers games to play alone or with others. How cool is that? If my online students wanted to have a tournament to see who can name parts the fastest, they can arrange to log in at the same time and have a bit of a battle. - It's free. You don't have to sign up and I don't even see advertising on the site. **What could be improved on WebAnatomy:** - There's not much I would suggest, but if I had to make one suggestion, it would be to include more detailed pictures within the image bank. - My only other suggestion would be to expand the site to include disease processes and physiology and other health-care related information and to add some geared toward kids, like simple information about handwashing, smoking, etc. **My Viewpoint:** **WebAnatomy** is an absolutely great site for people who are studying the various parts of the body and medical terminology. Trying to memorize anatomy and medical terminology is pretty difficult for many people. **WebAnatomy** is well-organized, accurate, simple to use, and offers a variety of games to make learning anatomy more interesting and fun. All of that and it's free and without ads. This site deserves 5 stars in my book!


Piedmont, NC


University of Minnesota WebAnatomy Web Site

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