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Swanson Health Products
Swanson Health Products Website

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Everything you're looking for (almost)


Whenever I go to Swanson Vitamins, I find what I'm looking for with ease. They have all the major brands that I'm familiar with, and then they have their own brand, of course. Their own brand offers anything you would be looking for with a lot of different potency options. Most of the time, I end up opting for their own brand because the prices are awesome. A couple of weeks ago, they didn't have an item I was looking for, but when I emailed them about it, they responded promptly and said they were forwarding my suggestion to their Product Development Team for consideration. They said many of the products they add are from customer suggestions like mine. Great customer service, and the shipping is very inexpensive and comes quickly to my door. Very highly recommended.


Fort Mill, SC


cheap vitamins


the swanson's catalog started showing up in my mailbox a couple years ago. when i went through it i found that i was really overpaying on my vitamins and supplements. echinacea costs three times as much at the supermarket. there are different sales and buy 1 get 1 free products every month. sometimes there are deals where you can get free shipping. you can see the label of every product, plus a detailed description and product reviews. if you want a product that swanson doesn't carry you can request it. their vitamins are high quality. i have yet to find something that disappoints me. they have very fast shipping. there are other things besides vitamins. there is also lotions, teas, essential oils, cooking oils, health foods. i recommend swanson vitamins to everyone.


Bay City, MI


Affordable quality


I've enjoyed shopping from Swansons for several years now and I've never been disappointed.  I am a  long term, type 2 diabetic, am 61 years old, take no prescription meds, and am a health concious vegetarian. In addition to all the  many nutritional supplements they offer, they also offer many food items. Since I am a vegetarian, I particularly like the complete protein powders they have such as Yellow Pea Protein Powder and their 100% Organic Soy Powder. I can use both of these in soups and veggie smoothies.  The Yellow Pea Protein Powder has a mild yellow pea flavor which makes it especially good to use in soup to add flavor as well as being an easily digestable protein.  I  use the Soy Powder instead of regular flour to make low carb, high protein soy pancakes.  The carb count is  low for both of these powders.  The Yellow Pea Powder contains only 1/2 gram of carbs with 17 grams of protein per scoop and has an amino acid profile close to ideal for humans.  The Soy Powder has a total of 5 grams of carbs per scoop  with 10 grams of protein. These are good choices for carb counters as well as vegetarians who need a source of protein that is complete  and contains all the amino acids. There are many other protein powders to choose from  including well known name brands as well as many high quality Swanson brands. Every time I've ordered from Swanson's, my order arrives in a timely fashion and in good condition just as I ordered it.  You can oder off the internet or call toll free for a free catalog at 1-800-437-4148. I highly recommend this company as they provide good quality, good prices and good service.


Steele, AL


User friendly website with high quality products.


Great user friendly website.  Always up and running.  Many convenient features such as a saved favorites list and access to previous orders.  They have a nice informative newletter with valuable health information.  All my orders came packaged well and with fast shipping.  Shipping charges are very reasonable too.  They not only have a line of Swanson products which I often choose to buy, but they also have many other brands which make it easy to buy everything you might need very conveniently from one source.  I have compared them with their competition and they almost always come out as the winner.  A lot of research about their products is listed on the website too.  I've never had any problems with security issues at their checkout.  Sometimes I just go to the website to do research on products that I have heard about and find it very helpful.  The website has always been fast even when using dial up.


Climax, GA


Swanson Health Products Have It All!


 Ran across Swanson Health Products on the internet, ordered their catalog and then some of their products. I have found Swanson to be of the very best quality, offering great specials and research information. Check out the catalog, many more specials and valuable information.  


Mcallen, TX


Best online shopping experience for supplements


This company is excellent in many ways. They have many different products; they give sufficient info about the items; they are VERY reasonably priced compared even to the store brand in my local natural foods store; and they are FAST with delivery. I have been consistently surprised at how quickly I receive my orders. They have a good print catalog too, and an informative online newsletter. I'm glad I found this company.


San Francisco, CA


Swanson Health Products Website

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