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The Daily Plate

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I love this site!!


This is a great site for anyone trying to get control of what they eat.  I am not overweight, but I was curious to see actually how many calories I was eating on an everyday basis.  Put in your height, weight, and how much weight you're trying to lose (or gain), and The Daily Plate calculates how many calories you should be eating.  Then you add the foods you eat by searching for them.  For almost every food, the calories and nutritional information is already on the site.  This site also calculates how much sodium, protein, carbs, sugars, etc you are eating every day.  It is very easy to use and so helpful!


Milwaukee, WI


Helps get me through a lot of meals!!


I frequent this website as it's what typically comes up when I google "calories in..." I am fairly knowledgeable however I don't like to be surprised so I like to research different resturant/recipes nutritional information. This website is very informative and right on par. Great dieter resource to stay on track!!


Wilmington, DE


I swear by it and share it with everyone I know!


The Daily Plate is probably one of the best websites EVER. It is so easy to use! You just track your height and weight, and it tells you how many calories to eat each day to lose or gain weight. I like that I can put in my exercise that I do and it tells me how much I burned from it. I also like that you can create meals, so when I have a bowl of cereal with milk every morning, I can just click "Special K Red Berries w/ Skim" or "Carrots w/ Dip" and it logs it for me. I also love to see how much fat I am eating, and it has a great pie chart that will tell you. You can also log your weight every time you lose or gain, and it shows you a line graph of how fast you lost (or gained) weight. I love this website so much!


Verona, PA


A Nutritional Glimpse inside your Diet


I have been a gold member of The Daily Plate for about 6 or 7 months.  I don't use it every day, but rather use it to gauge how healthy my every-day diet is.  TDP has a huge store of the **nutritional content** of store-bought and natural foods--everything from a granny smith apple to your favorite brand of popcorn!  As a gold member, I can see a **nutritional "label" **of everything I have eaten in a day, which I believe is good to do every now and then so that I can monitor my general intake of sodium, calories, fat, protein, vitamins, etc.  The weight tracker is also fun, if you are trying to lose weight, as you can pick a cute cartoon-like image of, for example, a woman running to a goal.  There is also a blog feature and a great community with the option to add people as friends. I don't necessarily recommend joining as a paid (gold) member right away--but if you have a fitness goal and would like to have a community to support you and the use of a really great tool, The Daily Plate is a great place to go!


Staten Island, NY


The Daily Plate

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