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Ultra Pro
Ultra Pro 9-Pocket Trading Card Storage---Platinum Series (100 Pages)

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Absolutely love these.


I bought these a few years ago. almost 2 years ago to be honest. I started couponing and decided to try the baseball card holders to store my current coupons. I couldn't be more happier. I can fit 9 coupons per page and sometimes use the back side as well since you can see the back when you turn the page. I haven't had to replace one page yet and they get used daily. I have maybe 2 spots where I have needed to add tape to the plastic. After two years, I consider this excellent. I think I have a very full binder and probably have used all my sheets. I know...coupon crazy lady! Totally! If you were to use these for your baseball cards, I am sure they would hold up as you don't pull them in and out all the time as I do with coupons. Happy Shopping

Albany, OR


Not just for baseball cards anymore!!


I've been into this Extreme Couponing kick lately and have upgraded from a small expandable pouch to a 2 inch binder, baseball 9 pocket pages and dividers. Ultra Pro makes the pages extremely sturdy and flexible so you can add up to 10 normal (normal meaning those found in the newpaper inserts) or 6 internet printed (on printer/copy paper) in each pocket. I learned that if you're going to be stocking up and saving, you end up having multiple coupons for each item. My little pouch that used to fit easily in my purse soon was no longer closing due to my multiple coupons. When looking to see which pages to buy, I found that these were the sturdiest around and they aren't just for baseball cards anymore. All of my coupons are now safely stored inside the pockets, I can insert them or take them out with ease and I can see nine at one time. I was at the market last night and quickly flipped through it to find the coupon I needed for my husband. I found it in 4 seconds compared to 2 minutes thumbing through my little pouch. I would wholeheartedly recommend getting these if you are expanding your coupon collection to a binder and baseball page inserts. You'll never go back.

Sherman Oaks, CA


Ultra Pro 9-Pocket Trading Card Storage---Platinum Series (100 Pages)

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