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ClosetMaid Stackable 25 Cube Organizer

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I love my ClosetMaid Cube Organizers!


I have three of these in my closet - two for shoes and another for miscellaneous accessories. They are invaluable for organizing! As for fitting shoes in them, bulkier shoes such as running shoes, high heels, etc. need a cube for each shoe. Smaller shoes such as sandals, flip flops, etc. can easily fit as a pair into one cube. My size 8 shoes fit all the way in with about 2 inches of extra depth. The other one easily holds rolled belts, wallets, small clutches, scarves, gloves, etc. I often forget about accessories that I can't see, so the open cubes ensure that I will see (and therefore wear/use) more of my accessories. These are probably the most important organizing tools that I have in my closet. I've been using them for over a year and they are holding up wonderfully!


Columbia, SC


Excellent product for organizing!


I have two little girls who share a room with a small walk in closet and I needed something to organize all their shoes so they could find matches.  I saw the ClosetMaid Stackable 25 Cube Organizer at the store and decided to try it even though it was a bit more expensive than I would've like to spend to organize shoes.  The Cube Organizer was very easy to put together and I was more impressed with the Cube Organizer than I thought I would be.  It organized the shoes perfectly.  My girls were able to put both pairs of shoes in one cubby hole, although only one adult shoes would probably fit in each cubby hole.  I was impressed with how sturdy the Cube Organizer was.  The Cube Organizer is heavier than what I thought since it's made of solid wood and it is sturdy enough for me sit on. I love it when I come across an organizational tool that really works and the ClosetMaid Stackable 25 Cube Organizer si definately one of them!


Fort Wayne, IN


not happy with product


i bought 2 of the closetmaid 25 stackable cube organizers, 1 was completely laminated on all sides, but the other was not, i exchanged only to have the same problem again so i checked all of lowes and home depots & came across all of them not to be laminated top and bottoms, the bottom you could flip around & the laminated side would show but the top there was no way to hide the side that was not laminated, it did not look professional, i can not finish my project, i went to all of the customer service desks to complain that it was not their fault but the manufacturer but they did not know how to help me. so now i do not know what to do at this point, unfinished project,very aggravating..


Wesley Chapel, FL


ClosetMaid Stackable 25 Cube Organizer

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