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Stackable Cube Organizer, Storage
IKEA Traby Storage Cubes

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great product


You can always count on IKEA to make practical and useful items around the home. These IKEA traby storage cubes are perfect example of what I'm talking about. When I recently moved in to my new home I have massive amounts of books and other items I've collected over the years that I need to sort out. When I used to live in my apartment I just laid them out wherever pretty much and had stacks of these in corners. Now since I have moved into a home and have greater responsibilities I can no longer act like a single male anymore. These are really handy and also look fantastic. The durability and strength of each one seems really good and I am not suspicious of them and I don't think they will break down as they are actually pretty sturdy. I've seen people modify these to accommodate two or more of these storage cubes. This is a great product.


South Pasadena, CA


Versatile, Cheap and DIY's Choice Pick


I bought some of these at IKEA to put in my playroom, then later went back and got more for my kids rooms as well. The nice thing is besides being very cheap, they are extremely versatile - you can stack them for end tables, bookcases, use them as cubbies for doo-dads, put them in the bottom of closets to store extra shoes, hats and mittens, etc. The uses are endless. If you are a Do-it-yourself-er you can finish them in a variety of ways to customize them to your room decor. And again, cheap, cheap, cheap, so if the kids throw them around a bit and they get a little scratched or well-used, who cares? They should hold up in most applications as laminated products use heavy duty adhesives, plus IKEA has developed fairly good fasteners for nearly all the products they produce. If you don't decorate them, they're rather plain, but you can always put a heavy coat of urethane on top,or if you have kids, you can coat them with a water-based urethane to provide a little extra surface protection.


Derry, NH


IKEA Traby Storage Cubes

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