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United Health Care Insurance

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Terrible company horrible experience


I purchased a temporary plan between jobs. I needed to see a doctor. When I tried to use it I called every doctor on their list within 50 miles of my home. I was told a minimum of 45 up to 75 days to be seen. And in many cases they refused new patients on a temporary appointment lan all together. I was forced to seek public health options which was completely demoralizing and embarrassing. I immediately canceled my policy three days after purchase. It is now 20 days later and I have still not received a refund. Customer service told me 5-15 business days to be paid. This is the worst experience I have ever had with any insurance company. I will tell you know do not buy from this company they are a joke!


Columbus ohio

Beware of United health


We have already been dissatisfied with United health but this takes the cake. They have been dragging their feet getting ABA therapy started for our son. Now, he just had an EGD and colonoscopy done with results that warrants medication. Because of his autism and sensory processing disorder, the doctor prescribed a granular medicine. UnitedHealth denied the medicine saying there were cheaper OTC pills. His doctor explained to them that he can not take a liquid or swallow pills and needed the granular. They compromised on a dissolving tab and my doctor called it in but when the pharmacy confirmed it with United health, they yet again denied this medication because there are cheaper OTC pills. I have called them four times to explain that my son has a disability but they do not care because they don't want to pay for the medication that will be easiest for him but instead discriminate against his disability and make him try to swallow a pill. I did go to the store tonight to try to get the over the counter and I can not even crush the pills since they are big time release capsules. They are discriminating against my sons disability, their communication and customer service is horrible, and they do not care about their customers




United Health Care is the Worse Health Insurance there is!!


UHC has a very unorganized organization. They are short staffed so if you are in the hospital please try to get better because they will take 14 days to approve any services you will need to help you get better. You can never speak to anyone that can help, and you can never get the same answer. They give you RUNAROUNDS and don't ever call you back!


Las Vegas, NV




I signed up with this insurance after getting laid off unexpectedly from my job and losing health insurance. All was fine until I needed a prescription recently and the pharmacist told me my insurance was denied. They said I was no longer covered under United Healthcare. When I called the insurance company to argue it they claimed my policy was short term. NO WHERE in my paperwork or anywhere was SHORT TERM mentioned. If it were I would have NOT signed up with them. I am now without health insurance and I'm having a hard time finding something decent since my current employer doesn't offer health insurance.




United Health Care is AWFUL. Do NOT USE


United Health Care is awful. Every time you call, you either can't get a hold of anyone or you are on hold for over an hour. There is absolutely no customer service.




Worse insurance and company!


This company puts profits before patients! They will not allow many services and benefits you are entitled to receive. So if you have a choice, do not choose United Health Care, United Behavioral Health, or Optum which are all same company -




Very poor system; processes to get any information are lengt


Getting answers to questions requires a lengthy phone waiting time.


Bonita Spirings, fl

Customer Service


I have just recently gone from a company HMO to Medicare and the supplemental plan through United Health Care. (I am now "officially" old.) I had several questions regarding my dental and prescription plans. Every one I have talked to was cheerful and extremely helpful, even so far as calling several departments to connect me with the proper person. Since I'm just now in their system, I don't know how they will be when it comes to paying my medical bills. However, to this point, I have to give them 5 stars for customer service.


Goleta, California

United Health Care Sucks Bad!!!!!~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


United Health Care Sucks. One department does not know what the other departments are doing. My premiums are paid up to date but United Health Care refuses my prescriptions for non payment of premiums. After calling every day for over a week, nothing has been accomplished. The billing department admitted they misapplied my premiums whatever that means but nothing is getting done about it. The medicine I am taking helps with the nerve damage I have had and without it I am in pain. I guess it is time to get an attorney and start a law suit. I have so much proof it will be easy. Stay away from United Health care.


Crawfordsville, Indiana


Tired of having to fight for my prescriptions


They have denied several of my prescriptions that Health Net had no problem with. Adding to the problem is that the appeals to the denials I have filed have sometimes taken weeks, not days. They also will not allow you to get more than one month of a Rx at a time unless you go thru Optimum Rx, which in my opinion is not always an easy process, particularly if the prescription is relatively expensive. In one instance I my doctor prescribed 1 dose of an Rx 2 times a day; United Healthcare said they would only cover 1 dose/day. I guess IMHO a claims processor who isn't a doctor who's diagnosed me shouldn't be second-guessing a physician who's been treating me for 15 years!




United Health Care Insurance

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