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Tyson Any'tizers Homestyle Chicken Fries

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Delicious Chicken Snack or meal!


I have always ate Tyson chicken, ever since I was really little. Tyson just makes really good chicken. Tyson makes the best frozen dinner over any other frozen entree! It's always a big bunch of white meat without any of that nasty fat! The Any'tizers are my favorite little branch off of Tyson chicken. Who could go wrong with a ton of white meat as an appetizer with amazing sauces? The chicken fries are amazing. The taste is really very delicious. There is actual meat instead of a weird sponge like substance that a lot of frozen chicken fries are made of. The breading is really well seasoned, its cooks in to taste really delicious. I'd buy some soon if I were you! Try them with honey or BBQ sauce! or Honey BBQ sauce! They really are a fantastic treat for children and adults. The bag comes resealable and the bag is quite full of a lot of chicken fries. You will not see this buy as a mistake!



Quick and easy but not the best I've tasted.


Tyson's Chicken Fries are a fun concept and shape for kids. Beyond that, they are basically a highly salted, lower-quality chicken nugget. They are far from inedible, but they are probably not a food I will get for my family again. For what it's worth, my youngest son loved them. He is a bit of a french fry monster, so I think a big part of his interest came just from their shape.



Chicken Fries...a disappointment from Tyson


I am always looking for quick, convenient snacks and/or meals for my hungry children. I have never been so disappointed in a product name as I was with Tyson Any'tizers Homestyle Chicken Fries. I have always trusted the product name Tyson until we tried these Chicken Fries. The idea of chicken fries seems very kid-friendly especially dredged in ketchup. My children were certainly interested in these fries. If it were not for the taste, they might have actually have been eatable. These so-called fries were some taste combination of plastic and processed meat mush. They simply forgot the chicken flavor. No amount of ketchup could posssibly help these. The breading was by far the best part of the fry. Tyson Homestye Chicken Fries were a complete waste of money for our family. From now on, I will stick with the "real" chicken Tyson products I know. No more Tyson meats for my family. Sorry, Tyson fans, this product gets two thumbs down.

Chapin, SC


Tyson Any'tizers Homestyle Chicken Fries

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