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Troy-Bilt Super Bronco 42" Lawn Tractor

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Best Lawn Tractor


The Troy-Bilt 42 inch Super Bronco V-twin is one of the best lawn tractors I have owned. I use the cruise control on this tractor every time I mow. This helps me to not have a cramping foot after mowing our 4.2 acres. This tractor also has an easily removed deck to replace or sharpen blades. This is a super plus due to the fact that I am not a mechanical person. It also has an easily accessible battery and it is hooked to the seat so that if your child decides to drive the tractor if they do not weigh enough to hold the seat down it will not stay started. Super cool safety feature for a dad that worries alot. Blades can not be engaged while the tractor is in reverse. This is another super cool safety feature. In fact the blades can only be engaged in the forward gear period or the tractor dies.

Kempner, TX


Buy something else


Stay away from this mower.  From the first season I bought it, in 2004, its been nothing but problems.  I have had the front axles break 3 times, constantly replace the mower deck belt, replaced a bunch of the springs, and numerous other small fixes.  While I realize that belts break under normal wear and tear, Troy-Bilt decided to make it very difficult to replace them.   The springs holding tension to the pulleys are also difficult to replace and break often.  The mower does cut decently but I would recommend finding something besides an MTD product.  I recently passed by our local small engine repair shop.  While I regularly see Troy Bilts at the shop, this time I decided to count.  Out of 18 mowers recently repaired, 6 were Troy Bilt Ponys, 3 were Craftsman, two Murrays and some others sprinkled in.  I suggest staying away from this product.

Leesburg, VA


Great riding mower for the money


Hey folks, I have had this Troy-Built 42" Lawn Tractor now for about 6months. I think its great. Its easy to use and powerful. For those with big yards or a lot of land, its equipped with a cruise control button on it. It has a cup holder and a good bit of safety features to ensure you cant get hurt. Uses very little gas, to be a 18hp motor. I guess my main draw back on it is the mower deck, while mowing you cant backup without stopping the blades or the mower will stop, and the gear shift needs to be redesigned for a little easier use but it still works and cuts great. I love it. Its a pretty red and goes very fast to be a lawn mower. Over all for the price its a very good and dependable buy! I would buy this mower again if needed. If you have a baggier it has very good suction to pickup clippings. comes with mulching blades I have used my neighbors John Deere mower before I got this troy-built and I think that they are almost identical as far as dependability and ease of use. Try-built is a little cheaper thou and is red.  Good Luck  and good mowing!!!

Simpsonville, SC


need to rework the front wheel from side to side, breaks easy


Everything on the Troy-Bilt lawn tractors works fine except for two items:  where the wheel hubs connect to the axle as they bend quite easy and the star hub where the mower blades attach needs to be longer as the star points round off after two seasons where I took the blades off monthly to be sharpened.  I did NOT use any air guns to put the blades back on - just a 15/16th inch wrench.  After talking to other MTD tractor owners, it seems that these two items are a consistent problem.  When is MTD going to wake up and listen to their customer base and fix their problems without it costing the customer the way it does now?  Between the cost of the tractor and the hub axle connection and the mower blade shaft, I could have bought a John Deer tractor.

Middleburg, FL


Troy-Bilt Super Bronco 42" Lawn Tractor

2.5 4