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Husqvarna 54 inch lawn tractor

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Thompson, Ohio

Huge mower made a big difference!


This is a HUGEEE mower.  I can honestly say that there is nothing about it that would keep me from recommending it.  This thing does its job and it does it WELL.  If you have a half acre to mow or less, you're done in what? 10 minutes?  Anything over that and you might be mowing for half an hour... it is definitely worth the cost to buy and maintain this work horse.  It is amazing to me how wide the cut is- at 54" you swipe over a yard like twice and voila!  Done with the yard work!  I personally mow my yard at about 1 acre and my parents' yard at around another 1.5 acres in less than 2 hours and that ain't too bad for me.  It allows me to get up close to trees and such while still maintaining a wide cut path.  The blades have stayed sharp and the mechanical aspect of the engine couldn't be any better.  I personally clean mine after every use and store it in my basement which I believe is the secret to a well-kept mower.  Storing one in the basement or a building over keeping it outside must double the life expectancy at least. This is definitely a mower for a serious mower. ;)

Yadkinville, NC


Husqvarna tractor is the BEST!!Cut;s acres and keeps going!!


Husqvarna is the only tractor for me.I end up buying 1 every 2 years.But with this one cutting my 5 acres is a breeze.Great pulling power.And you can hook attachments to it. So my long dirt drivewayis SMOOTH now.Also my garden never looked better. It has so many different uses.You can also hook the small trailer behind it, load it.Fill in dog holes So I am VERY HAPPY now!

Gaston, SC


I really love my Husqvarna lawn tractor!


I really love my Husqvarna lawn tractor.  After owning many lawn mowers and lawn tractors over the years, I really recommend the Husqvarna lawn tractor.  It has wheel rollers that allow the deck to move up and down if you have uneven land and prevents you from damaging your deck as badly as other models out there and it has a feature that allows for easier changing of belts, plus our mowing time has been cut in half by having a larger 54 inch cut.  It cuts down the time spent out in the heat of the day!!  All other tractors we have owned usually lasted less than 5 years or the decks got damaged easier and was more expensive to get fixed than just to buy a new one or parts rusted so bad no matter how well you keep them covered outside if you don't have a shed to put one in.  My husband likes that it has a cup holder and is easy to use.  I especially like the fact that it has headlights and you can mow easier as it gets dark! 

Starks, LA


Husqvarna 54 inch lawn tractor

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