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John Deere
John Deere Lawn Tractor

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Good for people with big yards.


This is something we had to have when we moved into a house with four and half acres of land. I was reluctant to buy something so big, but after test driving a John Deere Lawn Tractor in the store, I knew that it was the right choice to buy to use at home. Now I'm not a super big person, but I'm not that weak either. This is just about the perfect piece of machinery for me to be able to steer around the yard myself wihtouth having to have help. I am glad we bought it for many reasons but one of the biggest ones is that I am able to use it by myself, I can start it, run it over the grass and all that good stuff without any assistance. It's easy to manuever and operate. I will admit that my knowledge of driving tractors before buying this tractor wasn't too vast, but I feel like a pro with this one. The steering wheel is comfortable to drive, even for semi extended periods of time. We have four and a half acres like I stated before, which can take a little bit of time to mow, both the steering wheel and seat on this John Deere tractor are comfortable. It wasn't super cheap, but it also wasn't super expensive. The cost is worth it in this case. The brand is all they claim to be, and they prove just that and more with this piece of machinery. I recommend this to anyone who is looking to buy a new tractor.



Hubby Loves his John Deere Lawn Tractor


My husband loves this. We moved to a yard that's over .5 acres, and the push mower took him close to three hours. Now he can knock it out in about 40 minutes. He actually cuts the grass more often than I think he needs to because he loves this thing. It is not overly loud, and it does a fantastic job. I also like that you have to purposely pull a switch to have the blade going so that it's safe around the kids. The price was fair for what it is (you're obviously going to pay when buying a big machine like this), and I think it's a great value due to the fact that other John Deere owners claim that 15 years later, their lawn tractors are still running great. As a busy mom who needs her husband to not spend all day on the lawn, I highly recommend this! (Also, it is worth mentioning that he will be buying an attachment for this to be able to plow during the winter... a HUGE selling point for me for buying this. I don't want him shoveling day and night or our cars getting stuck in this IL climate when we are waiting for the plow.)

Milwaukee, WI


John Deere has saved my arms...


I went from a push behind mower that vibrated my arms and hands over the course of 7 acres for years and, when my husband and grandson decided to get me a Mother's Day gift, this was it!! A John Deere D110 that has saved my hands and arms!!! I have to say that this was the BEST gift EVER and am so happy to have one now. I have been pushing that lawn for years and can now do it without the pins and needles effect to my extremities. Not only has it saved my tingling arms and hands, it has reduced my mowing time from 4 hours to 1.5 hours with it's powerful motor and wide deck that makes three cuts to my one with the push mower. And, the cut is BEAUTIFUL, leaving my yard look fantastic. I love it! Performance So far, so good! I have had it for one mowing season and LOVE how it reduces my time and pain to next to nothing by comparison to my push mower. Handling I love how easy it turns. I had to learn a new way of mowing but it was simple to master and my yard looks amazing in such a shorter amount of time. Durability Again, so far, so good. I have had an issue with some goat heads to my tires but have since remedied that problem with some slime to the inside of the tires.

Whitewright, TX


Lawn tractor that gets the job done


I needed to upgrade from my push lawn mower for convenience and to save time. This John Deere with intuitive gas pedal was the perfect one for my household. Handles about a 1/2 acre of property with a fair slope. Easy to use and trusted brand. I was hesitant to spend the premium price for a Deere, but I knew I was getting a quality product that would last me and would provide good resale.

Clay, NY


John Deere Lawn Tractor

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