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Troy-Bilt Squall Single-Stage Snow Blower

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I love you troy!!


I love my Troy Bilt snowblower it is so dependable. It has no problem starting weather it is 35 degrees or  -35, it goes strong with it's 7 horsepower engine and serated auger blades.  When the city snowplows pile all of the snow in front of my driveway most of the time, or by the time I get to it  it's usually slushy and nasty stuff, I go to the shed and get out the snowblower and usually use the electric start (but you can use the pull start too Ha Ha) and it plows right through it. Troy bilt has a very god reputation as being well built, dependable, and reliable.  I cant wait till the snow hits here in Utah, I always pray for it and it never snows enough  for me because i just want to get out there and use my Troy Bilt and watch the people that drive by and stare wishing they had one.  All you people out there need to get to Lowes"they are the only company that carries Troy Bilt" and get one of these.

Clearfield, UT


It's a life saver on snowed in mornings


This has been a great investment.  Having a lot of snow this summer, it did a great job keeping the driveway clear.  Even with 6"+ of snow the length of my driveway (about 100'), it had no problem clearing the driveway.  The multiple speeds are convenient having different depths of snow.  Faster speeds make the lighter snows go a lot faster and slower speeds help control the blower with thicker snow falls.  Overall I am very pleased with this piece of equipment.  The only negative I have is the tires could have deeper tread.  I will need to buy chains to stop the slipping.

Grand Forks, ND


troy built is tough and lasts!!


i am not one to brag to highly about products but i will toot my horn on this one. this machine is one of the best built and will last forever if you take care of it. i have alot of troy built  products and will always support their name. if you dont mind paying for a this product line. you will not be dissapointed.

Gibsonburg, OH


Very dependable during the cold weather, not matter what temp.


Troy built snowblower have been dependable over the yaers. Purchased one last year and it proved the test. With a Tecumseh engine you can't go wrong. Tecumseh over any other small engine is truly the best. They were designed for this weather whereas other small engines are not.

Waupaca, WI


Troy-Built Snow Throwers, why buy anything else?


I have owned this Troy-Built Squall 521 snow thrower for 2 years now, and it will usually start on the 1st pull EVERY time! Clears down to the pavement, throws snow Quite far and is dependable! So far, I have NO complaints OR problems. This snow thrower is also like the Cub Cadets Snow Throwers. Only difference is the color. This was actually Bought at a Cub Cadet Dealer. Also, since it has a 4 stroke/cycle engine and not a 2 stroke/cycle engine, you have no worry of mixing gas with oil. Verrrry well made, and easy to maintain!

Sterling, IL


Troy-Bilt Squall Single-Stage Snow Blower

4.8 5