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Trader Joe's
Trader Joe's Organic Vodka Sauce

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A great tasting sauce solution saving time and expense.


                                We don't drink alcohol, so, when it comes to using recipes that require it, like Vodka sauce, it seems silly for us to buy a big bottle of vodka for a batch of sauce.  It makes more sense for us to try ready made products. We spotted Trader Joe's Organic Vodka Sauce and tried it. I'm glad we did! Delicious!!!                                 Super easy - just open the jar, heat and pour on your favorite pasta. The aroma was mouth watering! We had it on penne, ziti, and bowties. Also works great in recipes.                                  The label is appealing with a vintage look  giving the impression the taste will be delicious old world style.                                  The ingredients are organic which I also love about it: tomatoes,  tomato puree,  sweet whey powder, olive oil, onions, parmesan cheese, salt, garlic, lemon juice,vodka, basil and oregano. (Yes even vodka can be organic.)                                  It made my kitchen smell like an Italian restaurant.                                  The flavor was smooth and rich and robust. Thick enough to cling to the pasta in just the right way. It tasted like sauces from fine Italian restaurants.                                  This is a definite delicious addition to our pantry.

Shirley, NY


Trader Joe's Organic Vodka Sauce

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