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Toviaz Prescription Medicine

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Side Effects Too Much For Me


I've been taking Toviaz for over-active bladder issues for 6 months now, and am going to switch back to a previous medication. I do not like the extremely dry mouth, skin, & constipation this medication causes. It works fairly well for most of the day, but by mid to late afternoon, I begin to have the same bladder issues I have without medication.

Scarville, IA


Toviaz - Regain your routine without the restroom breaks.


Have you ever sneezed or coughed and found yourself having to cross your legs so that you didn't have an accident right there on the spot.  I use to be like that too.  Then one day while at my doctor's office. I mentioned my problem and he gave me a sample of Toviaz.  The first week I saw no improvement, I almost gave up but continued to take the sample pak.  It was during the second week that I really noticed a hugh improvement.  No more leakage and the sound of running water doesn't affect me any longer with the urge to go. Included in the sample pak is a website to sign up for a resource kit. The kit will help with certain foods to stay away from. Also, included is a bladder diary that you can discuss with your doctor. Toviaz has changed my life for the better. I can get back to doing the things that I used to love doing. Now I don't need to know where all the restrooms are located.

Webb City, MO


Toviaz Prescription Medicine

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