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Allergen Restasis Ophthalmic Emulsion (Cyclosporine)

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Relief for desperately dry eyes


I used Restasis eye drops faithfully a few years ago for chronic dry eyes, then let my prescription lapse after a cross-country move. I have now found a new opthamologist and restarted Restasis, because nothing else seems to help as much. I've tried just about every over-the-counter solution there is, and nothing works better. Other drops provide relief for a few minutes, but only Restasis works with your body to actually increase tear production - helping your body "heal" itself. My doctor did mention that, after nine months or so, we could stretch out the dosage a bit to save money. She also recommended 1,200mg daily of fish oil for additional dry eye and skin relief, in conjunction with the Restasis. The drops are quite expensive, not covered by my insurance, and take a few months of twice-daily use to see significant improvement, but if you're as miserable as I was, then the price is worth the relief.


Colorado Springs, CO


Relief for dry eyes


I was the first person in this town put on this medication.  I had been using many over-the-counter eye drops and then found out I was allergic to preservatives so doing more harm than good.  My eyes looked like I had been on a big drunk with no sleep.  At first medication felt like Drano in my eyes but I gradually got used to it.  It has not totally cured them.  Rather than twice a day I was urged to use it as needed. I was advised by eye doctor to close eyes and put warm cloth on them daily.  At times I still have bad spells (lack of sleep will help bring this on, on computer too much, etc.) and eyes are then so painful that I have to keep my eyes closed and pray I can fall asleep and get some relief.  I am also on PILOCARPINE prescription which hydrates system as every medication has side effect of dryness of mouth and this is a great secondary drug.  I always wear sunglasses as my eyes cannot tolerate bright light.


Fond Du Lac, WI


Restasis - relief for Chronic Dry Eye


I was concerned because I had been having blurred vision and a very uncomfortable feeling in my eyes.  I went to my eye doctor; and he diagnosed me with Chronic Dry Eye.  He gave me a prescription for Restasis and told me that Restasis should help with my tear production. Restasis helps increase your natural ability to produce tears.  Each dose of Restasis comes in its own little vial.  You put a drop in each eye twice a day (or whatever dosage your doctor recommends).  Do not save or use the drops in an open vial once you have administered your dosage. Interestingly enough, a form of the Cyclosporine in Restasis is also used to reduce a patient's activity of his/her immune system so that a transplanted organ is not rejected. I found that while Restasis eased some of the discomfort and blurred vision caused by my Chronic Dry Eye, it did not resolve the problem 100%.  My doctor suggested that I take one 1,200 mg softgel capsule of flaxseed oil twice a day.  The flaxseed oil made a marked difference in my eye comfort. Spring Valley Flax Oil [http://www.viewpoints.com/Spring-Valley-Flax-Oil-Twin-Pack-review-d33f9][1] I make no health claims for this medication; but if you're like me and you notice that your eyes are uncomfortable and that your vision is blurred, you may have Chronic Dry Eye.  In any case, see your physician as soon as possible. [1]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Spring-Valley-Flax-Oil-Twin-Pack-review-d33f9


Madison, OH


Helps with Dry Eye


This drug is spendy so I actually went off it twice because I did not think it was working. Boy, was I wrong. I have Primary Sjogren's Syndrome which causes severe dry eye. Restasis helps with tear production and this helps combat the dry eye problem. I was miserable when I went off of Restasis. I was soooo dry that my eyes were killing me. The drops may sting when you put them in and for awhile afterwards, but it is worth it. You do have to use additional drops throughout the day to keep the eyes moist when you have an autoimmune disease like mine but Restasis does help. The drops are very expensive and they come packaged in individual ampules meant for one time use. Thankfully, my doctor said to use half the ampule in the morning and then use the remaining half in the evening to cut the cost in half. I just prop my plastic ampule up by the sink so the liquid does not come out. Very happy with the product but wish that it was generic.


Bend, OR


Allergen Restasis Ophthalmic Emulsion (Cyclosporine)

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