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Toro Power Clear 221R Snow Blower 38581

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Toro snowblower works great


After 28 years with my original Toro snowblower the time came for me to get a new one. I selected the Toro Power Clear 221QE .  I am amazed at how wonderful it is. After a few shaky starts, it now starts immediately (I got the electric start). It is very easy to handle and to change the direction the snow is being thrown. It holds enough gas to last an hour - as long as it takes to clear my drive, as it is as long as a city block. It sits close to the wall in my garage and exits between the two cars parked in my garage- something I was concerned about. I am enjoying it immensely.

Winnetka, IL


toro power clear is awsome


after that really heavy snow that we had we bought this product to try it out and guess what it was a life saver anyone can work with it . Toro makes one heck of a snow blower. If you're looking for something simple, consider this Toro Power Clear single-stage model. It doesn't have all the bells-and-whistles (like Electric Start and Quick Shoot Chute). But, it features some unique items at an affordable price. For example, all Power Clear snow blowers are built with Toro's unique Power Propel system. Basically, the snow blower has a pivoting scraper that always makes contact on the ground. Think of a razor blade. The scraper in turn keeps the auger always connected to the surface. As a result,...

Easton, PA


Gets the job done!


I never grew up in the snow, so when I got married and moved to where there is lots of snow in the winter it was all new to me! I had never even heard of a snow blower before in my life! My husband does snow removal and I am able to help him out most of the time. He had a Toro snow blower for quite some time and he really liked it and bought a second one (which I believe was this model here). It does a great job of removing the snow and cleaning up the snow. We used it for one season and the paddles started to wear out so we replaced them this year. The only thing I don't like about it is the exhaust smell (which is typical for things that run on gas). Also, it can eat up your welcome mats or news papers that are left under the snow (I would imagine that any snow blower would do that). Over all this Toro snow blower is great and I would recommend it! I have only used it in about 3 inches or a little more of snow, so I am not sure how it would do with more snow. This is a great product!

New Haven, IN


The Toro Power Clear 221R is a lot of power in a small package


In my area we just received 18" of snow overnight, and while it was a challenge, the Toro Power Clear 221R exceeded my expectations, my crew of 1 plow driver, 2 blower operators, and 1 shoveler, was able to clear the snow from a bank, condo complex, and 11 houses in a matter of about 10 hours. While the Toro may not move the most snow, it is much easier to take from site to site because of the mobility of the unit. Pound for pound, this is one of the most powerful units out there. The 21" path is a good size because it can clear full sized sidewalks in a few passes, yet it is still small enough to fit down paths to peoples porches. The weight of the unit is also a good attribute, while it is very easy to lift using two people, most people would be able to lift it on their own if needed. The Toro is also very easy to start, while it lacks an electric start, i personally never had to pull the cord more than a few times, even at very cold temperatures.

Mc Farland, WI


Toro Power Clear 221R Snow Blower 38581

4.8 4