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Tony Little
Tony Little Jumbo Micropedic Sleep Pillows

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I would buy again


keeps my neck level with my head just like the doctor ordered.

Austin, Tx


micropaedic pillows


use to sleep on, side sleeper, move the pillow around, a bit, seems to stretch out, which i like, husband liked hid too, just wishe i got 2 sets, really enjoiyin the queen

saint john, nb, Canada


Great in the beginning.


I swore by these for years. Even bought them for my children. Now the sewing that separates the neck part from the three chambered head part has come apart. I am stuck with three of them that are the same.

Ocala, FL


No need for any other pillow!


I love this pillow. I borrowed my moms for about a month and was hooked. Then she bought my husband and I ones for Christmas and we love them! They are so comfortable no matter what position you sleep in or how long you sleep on it. I am currently a side sleeper due to pregnancy and it has great support for my neck. I wake up a night and notice that the pillow still has not lost its form to fit my head. While most pillows will give through out the night and eventually your head seems to be laying on the bed, this pillow stays put all through the nite. My husband is a back sleeper and loves that no matter what he has neck support. I have noticed that there is different sections in the pillows, I am not sure if that has use or not but it is comfortable not matter what position you put your head on it. We have slept better and have noticed a decrease in neck AND back pain since having slept with this pillows. It is amazing how much a pillow can do for your sleep.



Allergy Alleviator Jumbo Pillow


The allergy Alleviator Jumbo Pillow has relieved my night time allergy's and is providing me with a much relaxed clear breathing sleep. The fibers prevent the growth of allergens and maintain a healthy freshness. It is recommended that you do not wash the whole pillow and I prefer everything in my home to be washable, however I have been just wiping the pillow every so often and it still feels really clean without actually putting it in the washer. It is a nice Jumbo size and therefore supports my head very well which is also helpful with breathing as well as acid reflux. I have been able to sleep much better and you will too. I only bought one to try it out but since I have replaced all other pillows with this wonderful and affordable pillow.

Ellwood City, PA


Tony Little Jumbo Micropedic Sleep Pillows

4.6 5