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Bath & Body Works
Bath & Body Works The Sweetest, Softest Bath Pillow on Earth

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If you're not taking a bath with this pillow, you need to be!


I purchased this pillow on clearance, but I am glad that I got it. I have a growing love for nice hot soaks, especially after a long work week. This pillow is great, because it allows me to position it, with the suction cups, and I don't have to worry about it moving if I shift a little. That has been the problem that I have had in the past with bath pillows that where sort of free standing. This pillow is also super soft! When Bath & Body Works named it the sweetest, softest pillow on earth, they pretty much nailed it. Actually, all of the products that they have with this material, in their sweetest, softest line, are life changing products. So, if you like to take hot baths and soak in your favorite bath salts, etc. you will want to get your hands...well head...on one of these awesome pillows. This is the closest you can get to heaven on earth in your bathroom. Don't let another bath/soak go by without adding this sweetest, softest pillow to the mix!


Antioch, TN


This Bath & Body Works Pillow is the best on the market


I have three kids and when my husband gets home in the evenings he takes over watching the kids and lets me soak in the tub, my escape from the real world :) We have a jacuzzi tub which I love but the angle I sit at makes my neck really uncomfortable. I found the Bath & Body Works The Sweetest, Softest Bath Pillow on Earth and thought it was worth a try. I LOVE this pillow. Unlike other bath pillows that are plastic and uncomfortable this one has a fabric cover which is wonderful. The best part is this bath pillow does not have the suction cups made onto it. They come seperate. The pillow has loops on it that fit over the suction cups which allows me to hang the pillow at just the right angle for my tub. The suction cups are very secure and I have never had one pop off while using the pillow. I can really relax now. It dries very fast and I have never had a problem with mildew growing on it. I have had it for about five or six months and it is very durable. Great buy!!!


Rainbow City, AL


Not just for baths


  I am not into baths.  I have no time!  I am a busy homeschooling mom and showers are about all I can fit into my schedule.  So when a friend gave me this pillow, I was thinking to myself, "Great. Now what am i going to do with this?"   Well, instead of re-gifting, I have found a couple of very good uses.  I suffer from some neck pain.  When sitting in my La-z-boy at night, the back always lays down when the feet are up.  I cannot have the back up with the feet up at the same time.  The resulting angle on my neck is not good, so I place this pillow under my neck and it relieves the pressure and helps my neck to feel much better.   In the summer when I take some time for me, I like to sun myself.  The pillow is great under my neck while I lay on my back, or positioned just right on the side of my face for laying on my stomach.  I actually fall asleep while sunning myself in either position (but not for long!).   So, if you find yourself with one of these pillows, or staring at it in the store wondering why on earth you would purchase such a luxury, I would like to invite you to think outside the box.  You just might find a better use for it that the manufacturer had intended.


Saint Clair Shores, MI


A Wonderful soft bath pillow thats ready to use


When Bath and body works says this is The Sweetest, Softest Bath Pillow on Earth they mean it .I have had many a bath pillow and this one is the best . unlike other bath pillows this one comes already inflated and ready to use  . Mine is lavender with a very soft microfiber cover that zips on and off .It has little rings that clip on to removable suction cups so you can place it wherever you want to . it drys quickly and you can hang it up by the clips for faster drying .I got mine with there Xmas clearance and only paid 10.00 now they are selling for 14.00 but its worth it for a sturdy yet soft  bath pillow thats ready to use . This would make a wonderful gift idea


Palm Coast, FL


Bath & Body Works The Sweetest, Softest Bath Pillow on Earth

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