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Tiny Love
Tiny Love Super Deluxe Gymini With Lights And Music

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The **Tiny Love Super Deluxe Gymini With Lights And Music **is the single most incredible gift we were given for our daughter. There are so many different learning stations on this gym. The lights and music pad is touch sensitive so my daughter can get it going on her own...and it really encourages her to have longer tummy time. There are lots of wholes to hang toys from, a mirror that is very clear for a baby mirror, a little peek-a-boo game, several different textures, colors, and flaps...and the biggest plus is that it is machine washable! This gym really encourages babies to play actively, and promotes discovery. Every friend I have recommended this to has gotten it and agreed that it is truly wonderful! It is also very versatile and can be used in different ways at different stages of your babies growth and development! This is a must have item!


Winnetka, IL


Baby mat that keeps baby entertained- Tiny Love Lights and Sound


This baby mat keeps the baby busy. There are lights, songs, and toys. The toys are hung at a level that the baby can reach. I liked the variety that this mat provided. My baby loved the mirror and the light up flowers. The mat is very colorful and holds the baby's attention. The mat folds up nicely for storage and has snaps that keep it closed. I had another mat where the arches were too high for the toys to reach the baby. This mat is sized much better. My baby learned to set off the music and lights himself. He enjoyed tummy time on this mat and continued to use it as he learned to roll over. You can also hang your own toys from the holes spaced on the arches. This mat was priced less than another brand but I found it was better quality. You can remove the light and sound part so that you can wash it. It is machine washable which is a must if you have a baby with reflux. My baby got a lot of use out of this mat.


Avon, NY


The perfect baby shower gift


I really, really wanted the Tiny Love Super Deluxe Gymini when my baby was born - I was so elated to receive it at our baby shower.  This was my daughter's "first" toy(s), and she's still playing with it 8 months later!  The mat has all sorts of different textures and brightly colored animals on it - which my daughter really liked during tummy time.  The toys that hang above the mat are great too - my daughter still takes the elephant with her everywhere (when they get older you can take the toys off and they can attach to their car seat, stroller or even the diaper bag).  We have taken off the bars that the toys attach to - but she still lays on the mat frequently.  The mat wipes up easily when it gets dirty, which is nice - I washed it last week too, and it holds up well in the wash.  The music is nice on it - she really liked that when she was little.  I do wish it came with a few extra toys to swap out some of them when she got bored, but overall this is a great gym mat for baby!


Rome, NY


Must have for newborns!


My son used the Tiny Love Super Deluxe Gymini with lights and music everyday during the first 4 months of his life.  We love this thing!  It folds up in half for easy storage - a must for people with small spaces, it has many engaging toys - comes with 5 detachable toys that hang, a mirror, flowers that light up while music is playing, two options for music (nursery rhymes and classical), and lots of things to grab and crinkle on the mat.  We used this for tummytime and my son also loved to stare and eventually bat at the toys that hang from the top.  The mat is also washable -which is a necessity!  We weren't sure if it would be worth the money since he would only be using it for a few months but I'm very glad we made this purchase.  It is worth every penny.  Our son is now almost 10 months old and doesn't use this mat anymore but he still loves the toys that came with it.  He especially loves the elephant that you can pull down and it vibrates back up.  We will definitely be using this for our future children. 


Chicago, IL


great for entertaining baby!


The Gymini Lights and Music play mat is an absolute must have!  I think my daughter must have spent 50% of her time on this thing in the first four months.  There's so much for baby to do!  She can stare at her reflection in the little mirror (a favorite activity in our house), or stare up at the animals dangling in the middle, or play with the musical flowers and elephant's crinkly ear during tummy time.  This mat provides a safe, soft play space for your little one to explore the world, and is a hundred times better than the plain old carpet or even a blanket with toys.  Plus it folds up essentially flat so you can easily store it or transport it to grandma's house if need be.  Now that my daughter is a little older and sitting up on her own, she doesn't use it as much, but I can't stress how key this was during our first few months.  This would be a great shower gift for a first time mom!


Washington, DC


Mom & baby LOVE the Tiny Love Gymini play mat


We got this on a recommendation from the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio, and it lived up to our expectations.  This play mat is among the priciest, but we found it to be totally worth it.  There's so much to entertain a baby both on their backs and on their tummies.   The flashing lights on the flowers go in time to music and got our daughter watching them.  There's crinkly stuff like a butterfly wing and elephant ear on the mat that she loved to bat at or wiggle around on, and the mirror was easy for her to look at while on her tummy or back. The hanging animals were cute and very entertaining for our daughter.  She'd bat at them, pull them, chew on them, etc. etc., for enough time for me to prep for dinner or load the dishwasher. I loved how it was so easy to rearrange the animals and hanging toys for the level that she was most able to play with them depending on what she was interested in or her stage of development.  There was a little ring with a big bead thing attached to it that was her favorite thing to suck on/chew, so that ended up being used in the car as well as on the Gymini. The only thing that I didn't find to be spectacular about this toy was the music repetition.  It got really, really old after awhile, but then again, there are many toys whose sounds I found far more annoying, and the rest of the Gymini's features outweighed this drawback. 


Orlando, FL


Tiny Love Super Deluxe Gymini With Lights And Music

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