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Tiny Love
Tiny Love Sunny Stroll Arch Stroller & Car Seat Attachment

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Stroller and Car Seat Attachment


When I say I love this thing, I really mean it. As my son began to get older, I tried to give him toys to entertain him while shopping and I mostly found myself picking those toys up off the floor every two minutes. But with this Tiny Love Sunny Stroll Arch Stroller & Car Seat Attachment it's not a hassle at all. He's entertained and I'm able to get my shopping done. It's very useful.




must have for long car rides!


i bought this for my 2 month old daughter because she is not a fan of the car seat. she was completely occupied for the 3 hour car ride we had so this is a must have product! we love it and it is easy to attach to the car seat and her stroller. i am going to buy a second one just to make sure i never leave home without it!


Warrenton, VA


MUST HAVE! you wont regret it!


we had a fussy baby, long story short, she was hungry! apparently what my body fed her just wasnt enough, but before we found out, she LOVED her carseat, if she was in it, and he toy was attached, she was a perfect angel, maybe it was the closeness, her little eyes could actually see the toys, instead of everything arround her being a blur, she sure did love the mirror, i think that was her favorite toy. we could be driving somewhere and just hear her giggle in teh backseat, look back, and she would just be smacking the crap outta that toy. absolutely loved it, great for car trips, and store strips (when they stay in the carseat for those shopping trips), keeps them entertained, and works there arms! they get quite a little workout grabbing and smacking the toys! i LOVED it! and so did my little girl!


Tulsa, OK


Tiny Love Sunny Stroll Arch Stroller is engaging product


I got the Tiny Love Sunny Stroll Arch Stroller & Car Seat Attachment as a baby shower gift and it took around five months then after we started using the stroller and car seat attachment for our baby girl. It works like a pure magic. The sounds coming from it are so soothing and make immediate effect while grabbing all the attention it can seek from our girl. It has turned out to be a great nanny for us. The kid get into quick involvement mode the moment she sees the stroller hanging on top of her laying bed. Similarly, in car she is in complete peace with herself and do not give that troubling time while driving.I think that my kid seems to be liking this stroller and easily relate herselg with the stroller.


Tempe, AZ




This is a wonderfully designed toy for babies. I am so impressed with how this toy can connect onto so many different things that your baby uses on an everyday basis. The "claws" that you can tightned so that it grips onto things such as the car seal or stroller are so well designed and secure. You just twist the area above the claw to open it wider and then twist the other direction to tighten it onto where you want it. The toy bar has a great variety of toys on it as well. The material has different textures and feels to it. There are some parts that have that crinkly feel and sound to it. My son really likes how those parts give a different sensation. There are also parts that are like a rattle where he can spin it and make it make noise. Thepart that I think is the coolest is where you pull down and hanging ball and then let go. It makes this "fan" spin around and around. When I found out about that part of the toy I was like a little kid and played with it myself for a bit. This toy has a lot of bang for you buck.


Red Oak, TX


Daughter just LOVES this toy!!


The Tiny Love Sunny Stroll Arch Stroller & Car Seat Attachment toy is the best carseat toy that I've ever used, and I have 4 kids! We got this toy about a month or so ago and she just loves it. She's 6 months old now and is constantly playing with it and never seems to get tired of this at all. It fits on the carseat, stroller and even the Fisher Price Rocker! This is a must have for parents on the go to help keep the little one occupied. We've been looking at houses sometimes 7 in a day and she's been just happy as a clam while we're looking because she has her Sunny Stroll Arch Stroller & Car Seat Attachment toy. Wish I had this with my first born, our daughter is the youngest. And you know what I bet you could even attach it to a shopping cart. This thing is the greatest toy to have with an infant.


Berlin, MA


Tiny Love Sunny Stroll Arch Stroller & Car Seat Attachment

4.5 6