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Fisher-Price Rainforest Lights and Sounds Car Mirror

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this car mirror is a must have!


We bought the Rainforest Car Mirror in preparation for a 10 day residency interviewing/family visiting road trip that we took with our daughter when she was 6 weeks old. We wanted to be able to keep an eye on our daughter as well as give her something to look at during the many, many hours in the car. This mirror may seem like a splurge item but it could not be more valuable in a pinch. My daughter loved the pictures, lights and songs. Nine times out of ten it calmed her down and kept her entertained, from that first long trip until more than a year later. The songs are incredibly annoying but totally worth the peace and quiet. As an added bonus, they even worked well as lullabies when not in the car. My daughter is now 26 months and I could still sing the whole songs for you. The remote control is a fantastic idea and very convenient. Our mirror got scratched up from being stored in the trunk but you can bet that I will buy another one before our son is born in March.

Columbus, OH


I love being able to see my rear-facing baby in the car


The Fisher Price Rainforest Lights and Sounds Car Mirror is a must-have for me.  When my baby is in his rear-facing infant seat in the back seat of the car, I can take a quick glance in the mirror and see that he is all right.  I don't actually use the lights and sounds feature, but that would be a great way to keep your baby amused.  I was given this as a gift and just never got the batteries put in.  But I will be doing that soon, and I know my baby will love it.  The mirror is extremely durable and will not break.  In my car, in order to have the mirror lined up so I can see the baby, I had to use safety pins to pin the mirror to the back of the seat.  If you have leather seats, or are concerned about using pins, you might have a hard time getting it lined up correctly, and keeping it where you put it.  Also, using a back seat mirror could be a safety hazard if you get too caught up in looking back at your baby, so please make sure you follow common sense safety rules.

Greenbrier, TN


Fisher-Price Car Mirror is a must have baby item!


I love that I can easily glance into the backseat of the car and see my child in the Fisher-Price Rainforest Lights and Sounds Car Mirror.  The mirror is easily placed on the headrest of the seat and easy to adjust the height.  The mirror is made of the material that won't break but not so cheap that it is gets hazy looking.  The music and lights have saved my husband and I from having to listen to hours of crying in the car.  My child often fell asleep to it.  However, the lights are not easy to see during the daylight.  The music volume can be adjusted.  There are different soothing songs and sounds.  The remote control is the best part of it. Once he falls asleep or is soothed I can turn it off.  It also has the options to play just the music of just the lights.  It is not expensive to buy and shoud be put on your git registry list! This is a car mirror that I recommend and have bought as a baby shower gift. 

Fort Worth, TX


Fisher-Price Rainforest Lights and Sounds Car Mirror

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