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Naturepedic Organic Cotton Changing Pad (2-Sided Contoured)

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Perfect and Organic!


I love this brand for organic, chemical-free products. The naturepedic organic changing table pad lives up to all my expectations from the brand. I also purchased the organic cotton cover, and it is ok. The changing table pad is easy to clean, waterproof and comfortable. It has a snap on the back that you can attach to the back of your changing table, or bureau, whichever type of furniture that you are using as a changing table. This snap attachment prevents the table from slipping off the top of the table, which is very important, as the table is pretty slippery due to the waterproof covering/lining. There is also a strap set to secure your child to the changing table pad, to prevent them from rolling off the changing table pad. I love that this changing table pad does not have a strong chemical odor, especially since it is in the baby's room. If you purchase other plastic items for use in a baby's room, the off-gasing of chemicals can be very dangerous. Organic products like this naturepedic changing table pad are a great way to avoid many chemicals in your home, and your child's room. With this changing table pad, there are really no compromises. You get both a healthy, safe product to use in your home, as well as a waterproof item that is durable, easy to use and works as expected.

Attleboro, MA


Feel Good About Changing Your Baby On This


This changing pad is one of the most expensive that we looked at; however, I'm thrilled that we put the money out for it. As a first-time mom, I never realized just how much time my son would spend on a changing table. When he was first born, there were times that we would go through 16 diapers a day and my husband and I were fumbling all over the place. Then inexplicably around 2-3 months old, he decided that he liked to hang out there and it became one of the few places that we could count on to calm him down when he got fussy. Now at 16 months, he still hangs out there while I get him dressed and change his diaper. I trust Naturepedic because they have the Greenguard seal, which is difficult and expensive for a company to get. It's worth every penny that I spent to have peace of mind knowing that each time he's on the changing table I'm not exposing my little guy's developing brain, respiratory, and nervous system to dangerous particles that are being off-gassed by cheap PVC or other plastics. Other products may be "organic cotton" on the surface, but how does that matter when they're filled with foam that off-gasses? This one is both organic and guaranteed not to pollute our indoor air quality.



Naturepedic Organic Cotton Changing Pad (2-Sided Contoured)

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