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Thermador Masterpiece Gas Cooktop

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This is a top of the line cooktop!


As far as cooking goes, this cooktop is in my opinion on of the best! I have only had my cooktop for about 6 months but I love it. It was quite expensive which is a major downfall, but in this case you get what you pay for. Not only is this cooktop great but it's also very easy to use! Temperature Control This Thermadore cooktop has a super low feature which I have been extremely impressed by this feature. It allows you to keep you food warm but it doesn't stay on to keep the food cooking. I use it often. It also gets really hot. The large middle burner is the one I use most often. It heats up extremely fast and is good for all large Heat Distribution On a stove that I orevuously owned I remember having one area in my pots that always cooked faster. That's not the case here. There is very even hear distribution. The star burners are a great feature for this. Durability So far I am very satisfied with my cooktop and it has been very durable. Design I love all of the neat features of this cooktop. It has a very contemporary design which fits great with our home. The 5-star burners not only look great but function very efficiently. Also the addition of the super low feature makes this cooktop one of a kind. Ease of Cleaning The cleaning is one of the downfalls of this cooktop. Unfortunately the star burners make cleaning around the burners a bit more difficult. Like most gas cooktops it isn't the easiest to clean.



Classy, Elegant & Cooks Great!


We love having five burners to work with. Our most favorite feature is the middle burner because it's the largest and puts off the most amount of flame to cook using a large pan and distribute the heat thoroughly. The right and left burners put off less gas/fire and the front is the smallest flame. I love this feature for safety as well, because we have small children. I use the right two burners as a place for my double griddle and it works perfect with this cooktop distributing the heat throughout-- even where the fire isn't touching. Shows how powerful each burner is. My biggest regret is how difficult it is to clean. So many parts and no idea how to get close enough to clean all the drippings and splatters. It's nearly a full-time job! Heat Distribution This is excellent! I think the heat distributes well. Ease of Cleaning One of my least favorite things, though I don't know other brands or models would be any different. It's the price you pay for a larger range and cooktop.

Lisle, IL


A top-of-the-line, high-performance, Thermador cooktop.


I'm very pleased with this cooktop. Temperature Control The ExtraLow simmer function cycles on & off automatically to allow food to stay warm without burning. I've never had a cooktop with a feature like this before, and when I first starting using it I thought it was broken because the burner kept turning on & off! There is also an extra-large center burner that puts out a lot of heat and is great for cooking a large pan of food. Heat Distribution The heat distribution is excellent. I often cook pancakes on a large rectangular griddle pan over 2 burners and they turn out great. Durability The only thing to be careful with is the stainless surface (if you want to avoid scratching it). Design The cooktop has a classic design and is easy to use (probably the easiest appliance to use in the kitchen!). Ease of Cleaning This is the easiest cooktop to clean of the three I've owned. The only thing to be careful about is the stainless surface so it doesn't get scratched.

Poway, CA


Thermador Masterpiece Gas Cooktop

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