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Kenmore Elite Gas Cooktop

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Not enough room!


Overall, the kenmore Elite Gas Cooktop doesn't have enough room to cook with 4 pots on the stove at the same time. It is too small and squished. I can usually only put two pots on the cooktop at a time. The design looks very nice, and looks good in the kitchen, however, I would have preferred more space in between the grills. Temperature Control Temperature control is good. Durability We haven't had any problems with durability so far, since we've only had it for a year. Design I wish there was more room to cook. We should have upgraded to a larger unit. This would be good for beginner cooks. Ease of Cleaning It is very easy to clean. Just pop off the grills, and clean away. Does not leave any streaks.

Austin, TX


Easy to clean


About 6 months ago we purchased this gas cooktop. I was mostly looking for something easy to keep clean. I like that this model has different size burners, so depending on what you're cooking and how large the pot is, you can pick the right size burner for the job. I do wish that the lower right burner was a bit farther away from the on/off knob. When you first turn it on or off, it has to circle past "high", and the flame flares up and gets a bit closer to my hand than I would prefer. Clean up is very easy, the burner covers remove and I usually just use a papertowel and water to get off any mess. It easily wipes down.

Sherwood, OR


Nice cooktop but hard to clean


This cooktop is very attractive and it works pretty well. There is a burner for simmering (a great innovation) and one for quick boiling/high heat. The biggest drawback to the cooktop is cleaning it and putting it back together afterwards. Using a normal scrubbing sponge is causing the decal which identifies each burner and the various settings to come off--soon there will be no writing on the stainless steel, which is ok, I guess, for me but wouldn't be useful to a new user. Also, the quick boil burner has a very confusing assembly and the first time I tried to clean it I had to spend ten minutes trying to get it back together. Also the rings around each burner collect dirt and are difficult to clean. But overall (and for the price, which believe me is a good one for a stainless steel cooktop with these features) I'm pretty satisfied.

Baton Rouge, LA


Love my new Cooktop!


My hubby bought me a new cooktop after our old one finally bit the dust! All of the knobs had broken off and the pilot light would not stop clicking! I am loving our new cooktop! It has recessed burners. Each burner has a different size in order to accomodate different types of cooking. One burner is to be used for quick boiliing and high temps. Another is multi purpose cooking....can be used for quick boiling as well or can be turned down. The third is for every day cooking and the fourth is used for simmering and sauces. The grates are matt finished and come in two pieces instead of four. I like this because they do not come apart and "float" all over the stove and counter top. I like that the burners are recessed. Excess is easier to clean up and again does not end up floating all over the counter. I love the look of the stainless steel but find it harder to clean up. the knobs are very large and easy to turn, which is a plus for someone who has a difficult time with their hands. Very happy with my new cooktop!

Palatine, IL


Kenmore Elite Gas Cooktop

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