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Thermador Electric Cooktop

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Thermador CEP365 37 in. Electric Cooktop


We bought this cooktop about ten years ago, when we were demodeling our kitchen. We upgraded from a standard electric stove to this, and I think that it has generally worked pretty well for us. There are a lot of burners on the cooktop, which makes it easier to cook for holidays. The stove is in our island, and allows us to have much more storage space underneath than our old stove allowed. The stove is easy to control and easy to clean, since there are no burners to take off and clean. It can scratch, but given the amount of use that it has been through over the years, I'd say that it has held up well. The one major complaint that I might have with the cooktop is that pots and pans tend to slide around rather easily. You really have to keep an eye on where they are, so that they don't slide off of the burner when you go to stir your food. Also, be sure to lock the buttons when you are done using them, because it is easy press the buttons by mistake if they are not locked.

Garland, TX


Thermador Electric Cooktop

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