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GE Profile Electric Cooktop

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Tired of scrubbing, here's your answer


I love my cook top stove. It's so much easier to clean than what I grew up using. I used to scrub around the burners on a gas stove and now that I have this cook top, goodbye to scrubbing with chemicals to get the stove clean. So much easier to work with.

Kokomo, IN


Totally Flat, Looks Modern and Heats up FAST!


We decided to go with a GE Profile Flat Cooktop in our kitchen because we have other GE appliances and have had no problems with them.  This cooktop is amazing!  It is totally flat and the controls are all digital.  That means there are no knobs for any food or grease or crumbs to get stuck under.  After you cook your food, you just take a washcloth and go right over the whole cooktop like it's a counter!  Our GE Profile has 4 burners and one is a hi speed burner that boils water in no time at all!  I'm amazed at how hot they get in such a short time compared to our old cooktop.  I really like the fact that you can lock the controls so no one accidentally hits a button and starts the cooktop.  That is a very important safety feature to me.  I like the light that stays on when the cooktop is hot, so you know to be careful and not set anything down on that burner.  The GE profile cooktop looks really great in our kitchen and it's easy to operate and works fantastic! Temperature Control Works amazing to cook any kind of food and boils water very fast! Heat Distribution I find that the whole burner gets hot and stays hot. Durability Works fantastic a year and a half later! Design It is very cool and modern looking and looks great in my kitchen! Ease of Cleaning It is nice to wipe clean with surface foods and grease, but if something gets burned on, then it's pretty hard to get off.

Beaver Dam, WI


GE Profile Cooktop - black 30"


I love this cooktop.  It's easy to clean... I had gas burners before this cooktop.  UGH for cleaning!  This is soooo easy.  Even the worst burned on spills come up easily with a razorblade and a wipedown.  Cleaning around the knobs is a pain (mine is an older model, and there are knobs instead of flush controls).  I pull them off to clean... a bit of a bother, but overall... very easy.   I love the look of the black.  I've read a couple of reviews about the black being difficult to keep looking good.  I've had no problem with this.  I wipe it with a sponge and dry it with a kitchen towel.  It shines.  I hate housework, so minimal care is a big deal for me.  And I love the minimal care I put into my black GE Profile cooktop.  It's beautiful... and has stayed beautiful.  The only negative in appearance is the metal band that goes around it (the bank is optional now).  THAT has peeled and looks bad.  The cooktop itself is still perfect.  This, after 18 years of daily use.  I've loved it so much that when we replace it with an induction cooktop next month... it will be GE profile, too.  (We've already ordered it.)  No knobs this time! 

Owasso, OK


Preheating the oven takes 30+ minutes!!!


I've had oven heating problems with this Profile electric range since it's been new.  It takes over 30 minutes to reach cooking temperature. Customer support sent the GE repairman out, and without even testing the range, he said that was a normal amount of time to preheat an oven!!  I've never had an oven take that long to preheat in 50 years of baking!  I'll never buy a GE appliance again.

Ramona, CA


Sleek and easy to clean


I am not a fan of GE appliances. When we built our house we chose all GE Profile appliances and I have not been happy with most of them. The one exception is the GE Profile Ceramic Glass Cooktop. This product is a winner in many ways. First, the depth is very shallow, so I did not have to give up any drawer space underneath the cooktop. Next, the surface is sleek and easy to clean. I often hear people complain about their ceramic cooktops, but this one, in black, is a breeze to clean. I can say that after experiencing many spills and accidents. You just wipe if down with a wet rag and use a Magic Eraser on anything stubborn. Also, the knobs are removable (but one). Finally, the heating elements heat evenly and quickly. There is one element that heats instantly and another that converts to a small or large diameter as needed. The cooktop also has a feature that displays a light when the burner is warm. And, as anyone knows who has a ceramic cooktop, the surface doubles as a "hotplate" for hot items out of the oven. This is the one GE product I will have when I move to a new house.

enterprise, FL


disapointing, uneven cooking temps, difficult to keep clean look


we purchased the electric GE profile Cooktop to replace our propane one that came with our brand new house.  The propane one did not get hot enough for us and took far too long to heat up a simple large pot of water. we did this when we also did some minor upgrades to our "builders" kitchen like adding granite countertops, molding on the cabinets, new knobs on the cabinet doors and adding in a wet bar.  We also replaced both sinks and all the hadware.  The point of the new cooktop was to make the upgrade all on par.  Unfortunately, the expectation of the stove did not meet ours. the heat is uneven, takes forever at times to heat large pots of water or soup for instance, and if you dare spill, which of course in a big busy family does happen all the time, you must wait for the surface to completly cool down before you can clean it properly.  Also, we now have a slight crack in one of the burners that appeared mysteriously.  Overall, no one in our home is happy with this major appliance purchase and would replace it prior to selling our house since it really is an eye sore.

Rockaway, NJ


Still Deciding...


We purchased this cooktop in March 2010 in all black.  We replaced an old coil style electric range so I would have to say this is a major upgrade from that stovetop.  I really like the removable dishwasher safe control knobs. Another key feature is the front right burner dual size option.  Wish I had that option on all four burners.  Also have enjoyed the Power boil feature.  This model includes a bridge option on the left hand burners, but I have not had the opportunity to use it.  The downside of this cooktop...you can't use painted or cast iron cookware (goodbye my favorite red Paula Dean pan).  Even my other pans seem to cause issues with the cooktop.  Older pans that have any burned on residue will leave a mess behind on the stovetop.  I was able to clean it off, but it was a lot of work.  You also have to use a special stovetop cleaner to clean with and it is very hard to keep it from streaking.  I was bummed last night when I boiled spaghetti in my large pot, only to discover the pan had left a scratch on the cooktop....and it did not buff out.  Not sure I would go for this type of cooktop in the future.  I feel a bit of a slave to keeping it clean.  

Simpsonville, SC


GE Profile Electric Cooktop

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