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Kenmore Electric Cooktop

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Nice looking cooktop.


I have owned this cooktop for about 6 months now. I installed it myself and it was a simple, straightforward installation. The burners heat up quickly and are easy to adjust to the temperature you want to cook at. It easily accomodates two large and two medium sized pots if you need to use all cooking burners. Cleaning the cooktop is not that hard, but might be my only complaint. Using just soap and water does not work all that well. You must definately use a cleaner designed for a cooktop for the best results and a little elbow grease, especially on tough areas. The thing I like about the clean up, is that the cooktop looks brand new again after cleaning it up. The price of the cooktop is in the medium range. You could buy more expensive if you want some more bells and whistles, but this cooktop will do the job at a lower price. Also, if you like Kenmore products, like i do, then this will fit the bill.

Sand Springs, OK


Kenmore stove with smooth top - just love it!!


**The Kenmore stove with smooth top is such an awesome stove. We have had ours for over 10 years. I just love the **Kenmore stove with smooth top** because if something spills over while I am cooking, it is so easy to clean up. The self cleaning setting is perfect and easy to use. If you have a child who likes to cook like I do, then you will love the self cleaning oven. The only thing I don't like about the **Kenmore stove with smooth top** is that the knobs are in the front. It is to easy for a small child to turn them on. I have accidentally turned them on while I was putting groceries on the stove and not known it until I smelled something burning. Our rear burner on the back right side can be used for a small pan or turn a button on and it can be used for a larger pan. I love the versatility. Another special feature of the **Kenmore stove with smooth top**is that a light stays on the cook top while the burners are still hot. This is such a great safety feature. It has saved me from burning myself. **

Columbia, SC


Love the way it heats up, hate the clean up


This is my third cooktop! Take my advise and make sure you purchase the replacement warranty with the purchase.. I speak from experience!! My family has broken two of them wiuthout that warranty.  I broke the first one, and my teenage son broke the second.  It doesn't take much!  All I did was have a glass top from a casserole dish hit the surface just right.   We remodeled five years ago, and I wanted all black appliances, and thought the black glass cooktop would be easier to clean than one with burners, coils and pans that have to be cleaned underneath if something spills.   I love the way it heats up, and the fact that I can make the burners fit either a large or small pan, but with a teenager and husband who REFUSE to wipe up stuff, I have a very difficult time keeping the surface clean, and have tried almost all of the products out there to keep it clean.  Just today I purchased a new "Copoktop Magic" scrubber with "built-in scrubbing fibers."  I really hope this works.

Grass Valley, CA


kenmore stoves with smooth top are fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Kenmore smooth top stove is one of the best stoves I have found.  For the price you get so many great features.  It has the self cleaning oven, clock, timer and ect.  The smooth top is also outstanding if you are like me and let things boil over.  All you have to do is wipe it up after the top has cooled.

Petal, MS


Kenmore Electric Cooktop

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