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The Ultimate Weight Loss Solution by Dr. Phil

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The Ultimate Weight Loss Solution by Dr Phil - an inspiration!


In my opinion, this book is just the "ultimate solution" in weight loss. What I like about it, other than a huge admiration for the author, Dr Phil, is the strategic planning it demonstrates in the art of weight loss. It doesn't just cover how to cut calories and address simples measures to a better, more healthy lifestyle, it goes deeper into the realms of self assessment and recognition. The book enables the reader to get their own strengths and weaknesses into perspective and when you know what your weak points are, you can plan for them and deal with them. The book continually points out that we have an internal dialogue with ourselves about why we should or shouldn't have that food, why we should or shouldn't work out. It stands to reason that when a lazy person is debating whether to go for a jog, the voice in their head is saying "but when are you going to clean the bathroom"? So right there you've talked yourself right out of a jog! When I read the book, I lost 40 pounds. I wouldn't say it was easy, but before reading the book I'd always wanted quick results that I could see straight away. This books calls for a "forever" change in your thinking because lets face it, our biggest enemy is ourselves. It teaches you how to improve your lifestyle and with it, your self esteem. I was able to "outsmart" myself at the supermarket checkout counters when acknowledging the marketing strategies of the store, and challenge myself at the most difficult time of the day (4pm) when historically I felt worn out and hungry. One of the biggest helpful hints I remember reading wat that you have to replace your eating habbit (ie. snacking while watching a movie) with a good habbit. For instance, you'd think that playing video games would be a no-no, but not so! You see, while you are playing video games, you are not eating! I liked that! Dr Phil teaches that you don't have to diet hard, you just have to diet smart. I would thoroughly recommend The Ultimate Weight Solution to anyone wanting to lose weight, without using any fad measures.



Another excellent idea from Dr. Phil


In a straight forward no nonsense manner, this program guides you in what you need to do to ultimately win the battle against obesity. The real basis of this program is making a healthy lifestyle change which is key to any successful long-term weight loss program and takes real commitment; it is NOT the quick fix which seems to be what everyone goes for but in reality does not exist... it is a real solution. Until you are ready to do the work to get the result you want, no diet is going to work for you. The Ultimate Weight Loss Solution is the tool you need, if you are really serious about change. Effectiveness You will get out of this program proportionate to what you are willing to put into the program. Side Effects A healthier lifestyle with a better quality of life. Ease of Use It seems a little challenging at first; I recommend getting the companion journal to work through which helps to break it down into manageable steps that keep you on track and moving forward.

Knob Noster, MO


Something I tried, and could add to the fail list.


I tried this at the height of my admiration for Dr. Phil. Figured just because it was from him, it would work. Not to say if I had stuck with it, eventually it may have worked. I bought the journal that went along with this also. To me, it was complicated, and so I didn't stick with it long at all. Effectiveness Again, I am rating this on my experience with it, not that it could not be effective for someone else. I personally put this in more of a fad diet kind of thing, only because at the time I tried it I was very fond of anything Dr. Phil had to say, so took anything that he endorsed as gospel. For me, it was too much work, and to complicated, so very easy to get off track with. Side Effects No side effects, at least not for me. Just got very into looking into the reasons why you eat the way you do, mentally etc. And while in the long run, could make it very effective, just too tiring to try to keep up with. Again, my own opinion. Ease of Use For me, not easy because it required too much thinking etc to be effective, and I don't do well with things like that.

Lancaster, OH


The Ultimate Weight Loss Solution by Dr. Phil

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