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The Stresseraser Portable Biofeedback Device

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A real relaxer, stress eraser can help you sleep sound again.


StressEraser is a neat little gadget I can take with me everywhere when I need more relaxation.  StressEraser is the latest and greatest in biofeedback.  I have used stress eraser for one week and I am already feeling good.  In three more weeks I am sure I will feel younger as promised in the StressEraser ad.  I have noticed my memory is faster, I am more willing to exercise, my appetite is under control, and I am overall more self-controlled. StressEraser is easy to use.  I can do a session with my eyes closed just listening for the beep to exhale.  However, I like watching the curve to make large round curves that give more points.  I began doing more points, up to 160, in a day when I first started.  I got a little too relaxed.  I wanted to sleep more than usual.  So, I would recommend only doing 100 points a day as the instructions suggest. There is a feature for a person who has trouble programming a VCR or figuring out electronics.  The breathe button will score you an how well you do on various counts.  As you exhale you count to various numbers, usually 3,4 or 5.  Depending on which count is more comfortable.  I did not use the breathe button because I could easily tell what count was more comfortable.  The button is there if you need it though. There are many situations where StressEraser will come in handy.  It comes with a genuine leather case and is small enough to fit in a shirt pocket.  There are no wires to tangle with.  All you do is insert your finger when the on-screen display says to, and start to exhale and count with each triangle as it appears.  I would love to take StressEraser on an airplane trip or ski trip when I am phobic.  Maybe I could loose my fear of heights. Overall I would recommend stress eraser to any one with a desire to improve sleep and get a grip on making life what you want it to be.  

Dallas, TX


The Stresseraser Portable Biofeedback Device

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