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One Touch
One Touch Ultra Smart Diabetes Monitor

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Easy to Use Fast Feedback


The One Touch UltraSmart Diabetic Monitor is the easiest system I have used.  I switched to it over a year ago.  It allows notations of illness, exercise, and other things so you can have a more detailed diary of the results for the day.  It helps when your doctor says whyare these numbers higher or lower.  Also it has the added benefit that my insurance covers the One Touch Ultasmart Diabetic Monitor and the supplies better than other monitors.  I highly recommend the One Touch UltraSmart Daibetic Meter

Carrollton, TX


Quick and easy prick


The One Touch Ultra Smart Diabetes Monitor is so much better than other diabetes monitors I have used.  I have been a diabetic for fifteen years.  Many times over the years a newly updated version of a meter for testing blood sugar levels comes along and it frankly it isn't much better than its old version. Not true with this model. You use a smaller blood sample to test and you don't have to wait as long for a reading.  Plus, I really like the new smaller shape. It fits snuggly in your palm.  Takes only moments to get a reuslt and can be tucked quickly and discreetly away. You can take a quick blood sugar reading without it interferring with the flow of whatever else is going on.  With the older, bulkier models it took longer to draw enough of a blood sample.  Often I had to prick my finger a couple of times to get enough, leaving my finger sore.  I am also happy about the color of the case. 

Toledo, OR


great machine - needs a more slimline pouch


Great for all the reasons listed. Functionality gives an overall view of diabetic control. One gripe, the carrying pouch is exceedingly bulky and does not fit well in jeans pocket, as the One Touch Ultra Easy meters do. Surely more thought should be given to this!!!

Onemo, VA


Track and trend all diabetes information.


On top of all the great features of a One Touch meter, this meter also allows you to store food data, medication amounts, health checks, and exercise in one place.  The information stored in this meter is comparable to using the One Touch software.  This information can be sent to your computer or you can track your trends, graph and review all information to allow you to make adjustments in your regimen to better manage your diabetes.  A must have for all Type 1 diabetics.

Antioch, CA


Better than the old one I used to use


I have had diabetes for 11 years, and those years have included lots of finger sticks.  I am now on 4 times a day testing and injections.  I need something reliable, fast, and easy to use to do my testing on the go.  This monitor fits the bill for me.  The strips require a small sample, and have a notched tip that draws the blood in for testing.  This is easier than having to get the blood to drop in a certain spot.  I can keep my history in there, and download it at my endocrinologist office.  There, I get graphs and printouts to help me see if there are patterns I can change.    

West Lafayette, IN


One Touch Ultra Smart Diabetes Monitor

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