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The Snack Factor Diet

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Good: I got to eat snacks. Bad: I did not lose weight.


This is just another fad diet in my opinion. I got to eat snacks and that made me really happy. I am definitely a snacker and that gets me into trouble with diets. I do a lot better if I am able to eat small snacks throughout the day. However, it is hard with this diet because the snacks are very restrictive during the first month. Do not expect to get to have fruit for the first month. Fruit is one my favorite snacks and I always thought it was really healthy, but I was apparently wrong. This diet does not allow fruit or alcohol for the first month at all. You have the follow the guidelines very strictly. I did everything I was supposed to for the first thirty days and I lost barely any weight. I did not see a real difference in my waistline either. I would not recommend this diet. It does not focus on healthy eating or how to get the most of your meals, just that you can snack on top of meals and lose weight (which is not true).



The Snack Factor Diet

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