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The Honest Company
The Honest Company Sunscreen SPF 30

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Chemical Free is awesome!


I'm a fan of any product that uses limited chemicals and is safer for myself and my family. Truthfully, I am a fan of a The Honest Company's products and use quite a few of them. This sunscreen is nice overall. It doesn't smell and it seems to work great. It is a bit hard to spread and rub in, however, I don't mind knowing that sunscreen is protecting my little ones skin and often I'm not quite sure the lightweight sunscreens do that. So yes this does leave a white film on the skin or you'll be rubbing it in forever to get it to completely disappear. Overall, the safe ingredients and lack of dangerous chemicals rocks! It even works for me without causing breakouts! Scent It really doesn't have a scent which I prefer. Absorption It's not easily absorbed into the skin. It leaves a faint white residue or film covering the skin. Longevity It lasts for a few hours it seems. We reapply often though no matter what because of having sensitive skin. Effectiveness No sunburns, breakouts, or skin irritations which has been great! Ease of Application It doesn't absorb well making the application a tedious process.




Thick enough it blocks out the sun


I love that I can get sun protection for my little ones without applying chemicals to their skin. The Honest Company states that this is great for sensitive skin and can even be used for babies under 6 months which isn't usually recommended. Scent Very little scent. Absorption Does not absorb very well but that is really a good thing. The sunblock staying on the skin is what creates a protective barrier between the sun and skin. Longevity Worked at least for the hour we were outside. Haven't tested it longer. Effectiveness Worked very well for my little pale boy. We spent a good hour on the beach in hot sun and he was still a pale little boy. Ease of Application Goes on alright but difficult to rub in. The other piece is that it is difficult to get off your hands once you have applied it.


Lansing, MI


The Honest Company Sunscreen SPF 30

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