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The Green Smoothie Bible

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300 green smoothie recipes


The Green Smoothie Bible is best used as a diet where you only replace one of your meals with the smoothie. I found it easiest to replace breakfast or dinner with a smoothie because I am at home (not at work trying to use a blender) and I can take the time to drink the entire smoothie. Effectiveness The Green Smoothie Bible is most effective as a diet if you replace only one meal with a green smoothie instead of trying to replace all of your meals with a green smoothie. This means that you can last longer on the diet without feeling really hungry or getting many of the negative side effects. Side Effects It's not a good idea to use The Green Smoothie Bible recipes to replace all of your meals. Green smoothies have a lot of fiber and high oxate ingredients, which can cause problems in the long run with stomach problems (caused by the fiber) and fungal infections (caused by the high oxate). Ease of Use The Green Smoothie Bible is pretty easy to use because it has the ingredients and recipes of all of the green smoothies that you need for the diet. Some smoothies are more difficult to make than others, but overall the instructions are pretty simple. A couple of ingredients may need to be found at health food stores instead of at the regular grocery store.



GO GREEN and get LEAN!


Any juicing book is the BOMB!! When it comes to going Green, though, this book is awesome. I have several juice books and this one (and one other) are my favorites with the incredible recipes, ideas and motivational inserts to help keep you going if you are really juicing for a longer perior of time. Juicing can get boring but this book keeps it fresher than most. Let's be honest, you can only juice, blend and mix kale in a few ways and it's mainly still bitter but The Green Smoothie Bible helps reduce the bite of such greens and gives the pallette something nicer to taste. Effectiveness Nothing is effective unless the person using it is dedicated. Yes, it can be very effective is used and stuck with over a longer period of itme than one hour. Side Effects When I use smoothies and juicing, I am always hungry. That's not the book...that's my mind telling me to EAT something solid. Ease of Use It's easy to read, use and stick to if the mindset is right. I enjoy this book as it has beautiful pictures and great recipes.

Whitewright, TX


The Green Smoothie Bible

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