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The First Years
The First Years Baby Pro Smart Warmer Bottle Warmer

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Good when it works


This is a great bottle warmer. It's compact and it's easy to understand. It's easy to set up and I didn't even need to read the instructions to put it together. The only downfall is that if you're trying to warm up a bottle that is frozen, good luck. It takes FOREVER! I've had to let the bottles partially dethaw in the fridge and then run them through two warming cycles. It's great if you have the time to use it and it's better than nothing. It's versatile and it holds many bottles of different sizes. Also, when the bottle is finally done warming up, the warmer lets off an extremely loud, annoying and high-pitched beeping sound to let you know that it's finished, which just further startled my screaming baby. I'm sure there are other warmers out there that are more time consuming and that don't do as good of a job though, and like I said, if you have 5 minutes to sit and wait for a bottle to warm up while you hold a screaming baby, then this is a great bottle warmer for you.


Dover, NH


First Years Bottle Warmer a must have for new moms!


I received this as a shower gift and never thought I would use it.  Boy was I wrong.  This was indispensable!  What I did was plug it in right next to my bed on the nightstand.  Before bed each night I would make two bottles, get the freezer pack out of the freezer, fill up the two water containers and go into the bedroom.  I would place the bottles in the cooler section of the First Years warmer and insert the freezer pack.  I'd place the lid on and then attach the water holders to the side.  When I would hear the baby start to stir, I would dump the first water vial into the warmer and insert the bottle.  I would turn it on, wait a few seconds and then go get the baby.  I never needed to turn on a light or anything.  By the time I had the baby in bed with me, the bottle would be the perfect temperature.  MUCH better than having to warm the bottle in the kitchen! Here are the pros, cons and suggested improvements for the product: Pros: - Has two bottle cooler - Warmer is fast - Accomodates all size bottles by various makers (we used this with AVENT 8oz. and with Gerber 4oz. bottles) - Lasts - Is quiet Cons: - Sometimes the steam would make the ring of the bottle hot...had to test it before giving to baby - Not very portable.  Never took it on vacation or anything because it was bulky. Suggested Improvements: - Would love if it had a nightlight on it - This should come with more than one freezer pack.  If I forgot to put the pack in the freezer in the morning I was out of luck at night.  I ended up using the freezer packs that came with my free Similac welcome kit on nights that I forgot to freeze the pack that came with it. - Wish it had an optional, very quiet audible indicator to let you know when it was done.  The light goes out, but sometimes I was not looking right at it and waited longer than necessary for it to be done.  This indicator should be able to be shut off when you don't want it.  


Monroeville, PA


Hope your not in a rush


I absolutelt loved the idea of this bottle warmer.  It has a Great look and cool technology, however it does not work right the first time.  The very first time that I set it up and used the bottle warmer, it was great,and I was very excited with the result.  So when my husban got home that evening, I could not wait to show him.  From that moment on it has not worked properly.  You have to run it through two warming cycles and then it is so hot hat you have to allow it to cool down before feeding your baby.  after the first cycle the bottle is always still cold.


Huntersville, NC




When I was pregnant with my first child (she is now nine years old)  I received three different wipes warmers during my baby shower.  I guess that they sound like a great idea.  The wipes can get very cold and warming them sounds soothing.  The truth is that it didn't work out as well as it sounded.  The wipes near the bottle of the warmer container alway had to be thrown away.  I did not have extra money to be throwing wipes away.  I was bummed.  They turned yellow, dry out and became hard as rocks.  I quickly stopped using all of the warmers after being bummed out by them a few times.  I just figured that while we were on the rode in the car and other places that her wipes were not warmed and she did just fine.  My baby quickly got used to having cold room temperature wipes.  For me, all of these products are not needed and just a waste of money.  I would not buy one again for myself or someone else.  


Grosse Pointe, MI


I'd Pass on The First Years Bottle Warmer


I bought the First Years Bottle Warmer (pictured, I'm not sure why it says wipes warmer in the title) and it worked well for the first couple weeks but then I noticed a burning smell after a little while which was disconcerting.  It was convenient for me when my daughter was eating very frequently because I would make a pitcher of formula for the day and warm it as she needed it.  However, this warmer is way too slow and come to find out, my daughter has no problem taking things cool or room temperature.  I do like how little counter space this warmer takes, the fact that you don't have to measure the water, and the low price tag but I would definitely not recommend it because of the burning smell.  I do recommend a warmer especially if you are pumping and freezing breastmilk I just don't recommend the First Years bottle warmer.  This one can be used for warming babyfood jars also but I never got to do that because it malfunctioned before my daughter was on solids.


Framingham, MA


The First Years Baby Pro Smart Warmer Bottle Warmer

2.4 5