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Night&Day Bottle Warmer System by First Years

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bottle warmer was not my favorite


I bought this and felt like it was too clunky and not worth the money I spent on it.  I thought I would use it for baby food too and that really wasnt much better.  You have to know exactly how much water to add for each thing.  It doesn't heat up certain kinds of bottles.  The bottles felt hot to my touch and I didnt feel like the milk warmed evenly.  I ended up afraid that I would burn my baby if I added too much water and if I didn't add enough it would be a pain.  This could be good for someone who wants to stay in their room for feedings at night but I still had issues with it for that purpose because it took forever to heat the bottle up still.  Nothing is more convenient than breast feeding in the middle of the night.  I felt like the bottle warmer that had hot water flow through it was faster than this and made it easier for me to feed my baby during any feeding.  If you want one of these look for one with simple instructions and less space for your counter. 


Vancouver, WA


Works great, we didn't use it very much!


This was one of the items that I had on my baby registry that I thought I needed because I was a first time mom.  I was amazed by the idea that I could have a warm bottle at the baby's bedside and it would be so easy and convenient for middle of the night feedings.  I got the First Years Night and Day Bottle Warmer system and ended up only using it a few times.  I almost exclusively breastfed our infant, so a bottle warmer wasn't necessary for middle of the night feedings.  I can see how if you weren't able or chose not to breast feed, that this would be an amazing gadget to make your life so much easier though.  I just didn't use it very often.  I warmed a few bottles during the day in it, but even then -a cup of warm water worked just as well to warm the bottles and this just cluttered up our kitchen.  It did warm the bottles nicely though.  I ended up giving it to a friend that was formula feeding her baby and she was grateful.


Bend, OR




This item is one of my favorite things that I have for our baby. I had this for our older child and we thought we were done with having kids. We decided to have another one and this bottle warmer is one of the items that I said I NEEDED to have for this baby also. This bottle warmer is so convienant to have. what my husband and I do is everynight we put the ice pack that it comes with in the cooler part of the warmer. We prepare 2 bottles and also put it in the cooler. That cooler is so wonderful. Even if we did not use the bottles in the night they would still be very cold in the morning. So no milk is wasted. When I go to feed our son I put the bottle into the warming area and push start. I then start to change my babies diaper. By the time I am done with his diaper I have a perfectly prepared bottle. The bottle has never been too hot or too cold. It is always just the perfect temp. This bottle warmer is also recomended for use with breastmilk. They say this is the safest way to heat up Breastmilk without reducing the nutrition.


Red Oak, TX


Great To Have.


This is a good bottle warmer, not great, but good. I received this for a gift at my baby shower, I'm glad that I did not spend money on it. I love the fact that it can be used as a cooler, and it's great at keeping my daughter waters cool especially while on car trips. I don't have any really complaints other than the temperatures are really consistent. At just about every feeding the milk is at different temperatures. It really isn't that big of a deal, if it's too cool then I will let it stay in the warmer for a few minutes more and if it's too hot then I will let it cool for a few minutes. The fluctuating temperatures is more frustrating then anything. I do not use this warmer as my main bottle warmer, I have this one upstairs in her room and I use it for her late night feedings. So it isn't bad for the price I guess, like I said at the beginning, it is a good bottle warmer, not great.


Mesquite, TX


The Night & Day Bottle Warmer is a lifesaver!


As a first time parent, I knew I was in for a lot of sleepless nights once my son was born, and one thing that REALLY helped was the Night & Day Bottle Warmer. It was a present from a friend and I will DEFINITELY be paying this item forward :) I kept it plugged into the wall in my son's nursery and whenever he started crying and wanted to eat, it was a really quick and easy process to get a bottle from the fridge and let it warm up in the Warmer while I was soothing my son. It's really simple to use and definitely kept my stress levels from going over the top in those first few months. I also like that the bottle holder has an extra 'jar holder' that sits inside so that you can warm jars of baby food when your baby gets older. I adore baby items that have a long, useful life and this is definitely one of those. I probably used it religiously for the first eight months or so and it covered me from baby bottles to jars of baby food. 


Leesburg, VA


Night&Day Bottle Warmer System by First Years

3.8 5