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Munchkin Car Baby Bottle Warmer

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bottle warmer for you car


I think this is the best thing I have bought. I can tell you how many times the water would be cold in the car and I couldn't find anywhere to warm up the bottle. I would have no choice but to feed my child cold formula and it would give him a tummy ache. It's easy to use and it starts working fast.




Product caught on fire!!!


Well the first time I used this product I was very dissatisfied because it took over 20 minutes to heat a 4 oz. bottle.  By that time I'm not sure if it was the warmer or the air that warmed the bottle to room temperature.  The second time I used it, luckily we were all in the car with it because it literally caught on fire.  Smoke started coming for the product and my husband had to unplug it quickly.  It actually melted my baby bottle (which was my last one for the day) and left us in a real bad situation.  There was no information on the box or the directions for me to contact the company to advise them of this.


Bourbonnais, IL


if you have time


The probuct is good for heating up the bottle on the go , but that is about it. It takes about 45 minutes to warm it up and if you leave the bottle on there too long it gets too hot. So, you have to keep checking it to make sure it doesn't get too hot.


Albany, GA


Takes way way too long


I received a Munchkin travel bottle warmer as a baby present before my son was born.  At the time I thought that it would be an excellent and very well used item since we are constantly on the go.  Unfortunately, it is not what I expected.  Unless you are on a very very long trip, or unless you have a baby that absolutely must have his milk/formula heated to a certain level, I would not recommend wasting your time/money on this product.  Even on very small amounts of milk (3-4 ounces), this bottle warmer took 20 minutes+ to warm it.  Now that my son eats 8ounces at a feeding, it takes too long for practical use.  I will still occaisionally use it if we are on a long road-trip and I have the luxury of planning way ahead of time when he will eat, but if we're running errands around town or if he's hungry immediately, then you might as well forget about trying to get it warm.  Disappointing.


Chelsea, AL


The munchkin car warmer takes too long and doesn't work


I received the munchkin travel car bottle warmer as a gift at my baby shower. I was excited about receiving this because I knew we had planned on driving out of town a few months later to introduce my daughter to some of our family in Florida. We tested it to see if it worked and it did so we weren't planning on taking it back. We finally were packed and ready for travel. When we were ready for her bottle we anxiously stuck it into the warmer and noticed we had to put it into the cup holder because it was too hot to hold onto and the hanger that comes with it would not hang anywhere without swinging back and forth alot. We kept checking it to see if it was warm and after about twenty minutes we noticed that the only thing that it was doing was making the outter part of the bottle hot and the milk was still cold. I was very disappointed with this product and would never recommend this product to anyone.


Nashville, TN


I can't live without my Munchkin car bottle warmer.


The munchkin car bottle warmer definatley is a must for the on the go parents. My family and I are always traveling so this has been one of the best items purchased for me! I now buy it for every baby shower I attend.When parents are on the go, and they do not want to have to stop at a unsavory location to warm their babies bottle all they have to do is plug it in to the cars adaptor and wait a few minutes and presto the bottle is ready to feed the baby. It does not take any longer than heating it in your kitchen under warm water. This car bottle warmer is a fabulous invention that the busy parent should not live without. 


Clayton, NY


Munchkin Car Baby Bottle Warmer

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