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The Body Shop Spa Wisdom Africa Spa Salt Scrub

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Not Really A Scrub


I am definitely a body scrub fan and love to experiment with different options so when I received this as a gift I couldn't wait to try it. Thankfully it was a gift and I did't pay for it because I would have been very angry! As it was I was mostly just disappointed. This is purported to be a salt scrub. When I hear "salt scrub" i expect it to be on the heavier duty side of the exfoliation scale and really give you a good, invigorating scrub. This was not that kind of a scrub. This was more of a lighter scrub. I hesitate to even call it a scrub since it doesn't really exfoliate. It is more like a tub of body cream into which a small amount of sugar has been mixed. While it doesn't do a very good job at exfoliating it is a very good moisturizer. It does leave your skin feeling soft and smooth, but that's about it. If you're looking for a scrub experience this really is not it. It's expensive and not effective at what it is supposed to do.

Vernon Rockville, CT


How can they call this stuff a scrub?


So I guess I'll give the good thing first. It will make you feel like you are clean. However, lots of much less expensive products will do that. This is in no way a scrub. It is way too gentle, and does nothing to in any way exfoliate your skin. I would not buy this if you are trying to find a spa type scrub.



Not a great scrub


I bought some of this scrub a few years back while on 70% off clearance, and even at that cheap price, it wasn't worth it. This smells like rancid chocolate, which could in part be due to the fact that it was made with cocoa butter. This is really oily, and doesn't feel great on your skin at all; no matter how much you try to wash it off, you'll feel a film on your skin until your next full shower. And if you accidentally get some in your hair? You'll need to shampoo it 2-3x just to get the oils out. The salt granules were minimal at best, and I didn't feel any exfoliation while using this scrub. The only saving grace was that I did not have an allergic reaction at all. I'm surprised by how poor this product performed, especially since I love most of *The Body Shop*'s other products, especially their scrubs. I'm surprised that this product has not been discontinued, since it performs so poorly.



it's great! makes my skin very soft, smooth and lighter in color


body shop's spa wisdom african salt is the best moisturizer I've ever tried! Aside from it really moisturizes my skin, it also makes my skin very soft and smooth and gives a lighter tone. If you're really using it consistently then you'll get the maximum reward for using this product. For me, I've been using it since 2005 and it's really great experience! You'll get your money's worth! No need to buy lotion.

Monterey Park, CA


A poor excuse for a scrub.


I am all about powerful, exfoliating scrubs.  I also like moisturizing, rich skin creams.  When I received *The Body Shop Africa Spa Salt Scrub*, I was excited because the jar described it as an "enlivening body scrub with softening shea butter".  This product sounded like the perfect blend of powerful scrub and hydrating skin cream.  Unfortunately, this item was a huge disappointment.This scrub looks like a big jar of cream.  It is easy to scoop out and apply to skin.  I was surprised to discover that *Body Shop Africa Spa Salt Scrub* seemed to be 95% moisturizer and only about 5% salt scrub.  Although the ingredients listing includes salt as the second ingredient, the salt must be table salt-sized granules because there are minimal "scrubbing" particles in this product.  Applying this stuff was like rubbing body butter onto my skin.  When I use a body scrub, I want a strong, scrubby experience that replicates the sensation of someone scratching your back, arms, legs, etc. I probably would have loved *Africa Spa Salt Scrub* if I had extremely dry and/or sensitive skin because it is very creamy and moisturizing.   Unfortunately, I am looking for powerful exfoliation since I have normal skin.  This scrub was a disappointment for me but those who want an extremely gentle product might appreciate it.

New Jersey, NJ


The Body Shop Spa Wisdom Africa Spa Salt Scrub

2.6 5