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The Body Shop Lipsticks are drying.


The Body Shop Lipsticks have an unpleasant smell.  The worst quality about these lipsticks is the drying effect it has on your lips.  My lipsticks must be moisturizing, so this line of lipsticks do not work for me.  Soft and moisturized lips are very important to me.  I was totally disappointed with The Body Shop Lipsticks. It lacks staying power, is drying, and smells weird. The packaging is bad too, since the top easily broken, The top can fall off and make a mess in my bag. These are on the expensive side.  I recommend to pass on this one and get another better quality and cheaper one too.  It does not go on smoothly or evenly, and wears off in no time.  Terrible staying power and it dries my lips so much, it chaps my lips too much so I usually have dry flakes of skin on them.  Your lips will probable need intensive moisturizing treatment after using these lipsticks for any amount of time.  I do not recommend these lipsticks.

Apollo Beach, FL


The Body Shop Lipstick - All Products

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