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The 3 Hour Diet

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A good way to eat


After reading this book I realized that my husband was right about eating frequently.  So of course after reading this book I tried the diet.  I was no longer angry all the time because I was hungry.  I am now a pleasure to be around.  So I now eat whenever my  husband does.  I will say that he has eaten this way his entire adult life.  I was always amazed about the amount of food he would consume throughout the day.  I am understanding the importance of protein and how it will keep you satiated.  I am currently eating this way now.  I am seeing be results eating this way.  I do not weigh myself but I do take measurements.  I have lost two inches off my thighs in less than a months time. I can tell you that I do workout seven days a week.  Plus I drink three 96 ounces of water a day.  I feel that for any diet to work you need to exercise.  This is a great way to teach children to start eating. No one will every get hungry with this plan.  Do not forget to write down what you eat. 



The 3 Hour Diet

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