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TempleClean The Sprush

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you will never use a brush again after you have used the SPRUSH!


oh, how i love the SPRUSH by Templeclean.  i am a cosmetologist and have found i much prefer the sprush to the standard brush for a plethora of reasons.  because it neatly presses color onto the hair, it saves on product signifigantly which in my business is money.  it allows for more control of product than the bristle brushes.  it cleans up with more ease than a bristle brush.  it lasts infinatley longer than a bristle brush because it has no bristles to fray and bend every which way.  i purchased the entire kit (15 sprushes, i believe) for about 70 bucks from the templeclean web site directly and, i must say, bill over there is a dream seller.  i recieved a few free sprushs for ordering a complete kit (i passed one on to a fellow cosmetologist and got her hooked!) and when i had an issue with one of the sprushs  (i was accidentally sent a "test" sprush that wasn't meant to leave the offfice.  it broke on me.) i called templeclean, left a message and bill, the owner, got right back to me.  i explained my problem and he was wonderfully courtious and professional.  i was sent a few additional sprushes for free and have been spreading the good word about the sprush since.  while they may initially cost a bit more than brushes, you will save a lot in product and because you won't need t0 be replacing them frequently.  i firmly believe that the sprush will one day be the industry standard and those old bristle brushes will fall by the wayside. 

Utica, NY


This makes coloring so much easier and I use less product.


About a year ago I changed from using drug store hair coloring to using henna from LUSH.  I love the results (and so does my hair) but honestly, applying it is kind of a pain as it is messy and time consuming. After reading how some of the other gals on the LUSH forum apply their henna, I came to realize that there was an easier way that may speed up the process and allow me to use less product as well.  I usually just take a handful of henna and smoosh it into my hair but the forumites suggested using a hair color brush. So I went to the beauty supply store earlier this week intending to buy a brush and walked out of the store with **The Sprush**.  I used it yesterday to apply the henna to my hair and was amazed at how much easier the application was and that I used only two thirds the amount of henna that I normally use. The Sprush is like a spatula and a brush.  The handle is just like any other hair color application brush but the part where the bristles would normally be looks more like a rubber spatula.  The Sprush is available in different colors, sizes, and shapes.  Some are skinny, some are wider, some are angled.  One the product website there is a grid that shows which Sprush is best for each service (foiling, retouch, relaxer, waxing, etc).  I chose the purple one which says that it's OK for all applications and that it is the "preferred stiff brush feel of many color artists". I'm not a licensed cosmetologist or anything but I've been applying hair color to my own hair and my family and friends for about 20 years and this is one of the best products for applying hair color that I've ever used.  It works especially well for applying henna as it is the consistency of brownie batter and is difficult to apply due to its thickness.  But with The Sprush I just dip it into the henna and I can spread it over my roots very quickly and easily. I can see where The Sprush would work really well for applying wax, highlighter, and thick hair coloring.  It would not work well for applying very wet and drippy hair coloring, but I think it would be good for spreading it out over the root/new growth area.  Although this is the first time I've used a brush like instrument with my henna, I have used them for applying regular hair color and find that The Sprush is far superior to regular bristle brushes.  **5 stars -** The Sprush made applying henna to my roots much easier than my previous method of plopping it on my head and mooshing it around.  I got much better coverage and results, it saved me time, and I was actually able to use less henna than normal because I was able to apply it more effectively.  The Sprush is more sturdy than a brush as well and is much easier to clean up after use.   

Annapolis, MD


TempleClean The Sprush

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