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TeachUComp, Inc.
TeachUComp, Inc. Mastering QuickBooks Made Easy - v. 2007 through 2003

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Mastering QuickBooks - easy at-home learning


When I found myself out of a job during the height of the Recession, in addition to needing additional training in Microsoft Office, I needed to learn QuickBooks.  More and more jobs in the newspaper were requiring proficiency in that program; and the Accounting software experience that I had just didn't match. I started searching online for a good software training program.  I found Mastering QuickBooks Made Easy Versions 2007 through 2003 - Deluxe Edition which had good customer user feedback.  This program looked like it was just made for me. Mastering QuickBooks covers Introductory through Advanced material, has 182 lessons, over 9 hours of instruction, 2 printable classroom manuals, practice exercises and keyboard shortcuts. What I like about these tutortials is that, just like Mastering Microsoft Office, you can learn at home at your own pace; and the material is always available for reference 24/7. If you need to either learn QuickBooks, increase your knowledge or brush up on your skills, you might want to try Mastering QuickBooks Made Easy by TeachUComp, Inc.   Mastering Microsoft Office Made Easy: [http://www.viewpoints.com/TeachUcomp-Mastering-Microsoft-Office-Made-Easy-v-2007-through-97-Training-Tutorial-Learn-how-to-use-Microso-1934131261-review-ea1d6][1] [1]: http://www.viewpoints.com/TeachUcomp-Mastering-Microsoft-Office-Made-Easy-v-2007-through-97-Training-Tutorial-Learn-how-to-use-Microso-1934131261-review-ea1d6

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TeachUComp, Inc. Mastering QuickBooks Made Easy - v. 2007 through 2003

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