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Leapfrog Explorer Leaplet Download Card (39900)

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Leaplet Downloads are a great addition.


I was able to get the leaplet codes which come 2 to a pack for a lower than retail price when I got them on sale. I thought the sale price was more reasonable considering the games aren't as invloved as the cartridge versions. I was able to purchase the leaplet codes directly from leapfrog.com and the codes were then emailed to me minutes later. Once you have dowloaded all of your software for your Leapster explorer, you will be able to access the leaplet store and enter the leaplet code in order to redeem. There are quite a few programs to choose from although I'm anxious to see more from leapfrog. If you have the Mr. Pencil game I would highly recommend the leaplet expansion for the game for seamless play. If not, your child will get a message something like "this feature is available for download from the leaplet store" Annoying? Yes, but it does complete the game. Other leaplets are videos, storybooks, and other small games. They are a nice supplement, and I hope to see more variety soon.

Charlotte, NC


Limited selection


When my mom told me she was going to be purchasing a Leapfrog Explorer for my son for Christmas I was pretty excited, I went online to check it out and see what kind of games were available. I found the Leaplet Download cards and thought that was a pretty great idea and that the price for 2 of them was much better than the price of the games. So I purchased two and got a free code from a Cheerios box. Great, he's all set, I was thinking. Well Christmas came and he got his Leapfrog Explorer, I set it up and got the Leaplets ready. I checked out the Leaplets store and thought I must be missing something. There are very few games and half of the games are #2 of the same game (Example: Sugar Bugs and Sugar Bugs 2, Jewel Train & Jewel Train 2.) I chose Sugar Bugs & Jewel Train because they seemed like the only ones my son would even be interested in. I checked out other things like E-books, Flash Cards, Videos, none of them even LOOKED appealing. Oh, and come to find out there was already a leaplet code included with the game system so I shouldn't have even purchase what I did...they are SO not worth the money. The only game my son will even play is sugar bugs. I hope Leapfrog plans on coming out with more stuff....the selection is just awful!

Perkins, OK


Great concept but limited selection.


I like the affordability of the leaplets and the ability to download the games from home.  However, there is minimal selection and occasionally the codes did not work.  I had to call the customer service representative to have the program manually downloaded.  Leapfrog was very helpful and I am a satisfied customer. I enjoy the videos for my youngest child, age 2.  Since they are easier to use she can play them on her own and use them for entertainment in the car. My 4 year old will occasionally play the downloadable leaplet games but he gets bored with them after awhile since they are short and tend to be easier then the cartridge games.  He enjoys the books and they have recently put more book options on-line for downloading. As an added bonus you get one free with the explorer game system package!  The package comes with two download cards and you can easily redeem them through the website.

Depew, NY


Leapfrog Explorer Leaplet Download Card (39900)

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