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Alpha Omega
Alpha Omega Switched on Schoolhouse

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The best homeschooling too I have used!!!


We LOVE it!! It keeps my daughter interested. I am able to control what she does and how much. She is able to do the lessons in the order she wants and each subject keeps her attention. Best homeschool tool I have used yet!!

Roaring Spring, PA


Switched on Schoolhouse is a great way to home school!


Switched on Schoolhouse grades your child for you. It is pretty much an automatic teacher for your child. Do your children ever complain about school being too hard to understand? Why don't you consider homeschooling them? They will excel in school and won't hate doing it anymore because you can teach them at home in 2 hours or less and have fun doing it. There are a lot of homeschoolers now because schools are closing down, classes are getting crowded and kids are not being given the education they deserve. I know you love your kids and want the best for them so instead of spending time after work helping them with their homework, why not homeschool them instead. I have homeschooled my daughter since kindergarden, she skipped 4th and is now in 7th grade and 10 yrs old. Think about it and if you are interested google it for help and your states' rules on it. Happy Teaching!

Collinsville, VA


Great time saver for teacher, interactive fun for student!


We have been homeschooling for over eight years now, and have tried many curricula. Some homeshcoolers are a bit snobbish about using a program like Switched on Schoolhouse (SOS), as they feel a classical, literature, or unit study approach is superior.  For those of us who are not superhuman, however, using this software for one, or even several courses, is a Godsend!  It can help you avoid burnout, and can also free up the parent's time so that a more creative approach can be used for other subjects. We have used the following subjects successfully:  elementary level language arts, science, and health, middle school language arts, and high school electives, Algebra 1, and Biology.  We were a washout with Algebra 2, and the software didn't really seem to explain enough for my son, who is actually a bit gifted with math.  All the science courses and also Health Quest were particularly effective and enjoyable.  The Story of the Constitution seemed boring, but my son got through it. One outstanding feature of the science courses is that they demonstrate the experiments.  This means that mom doesn't really have to run through them with the student, unless he needs help :o)   Also, the experiments are designed with the homeschooler in mind.  You will be able to purchase most of the equipment on-line (at Home Training Tools, for example). SOS has many video clips, games, and projects to make learning fun.  Another great feature is that the child can have the computer read part or all of the lesson to him.  The calendar feature is also great!  The computer will set up due dates for all the assignments, so your child may feel more accountable.  He will be on a schedule.  You can input your vacations, so the computer won't assign work for those dates. The software grades most of the work.  Even though you will be grading every project and some of the questions, it is still a wonderful time saver for the parent. The price is competitive with most other curricula.  Alpha Omega usually runs a sale every spring.  Christian Book Distributers and several other homeschool book sellers also discount SOS. Don't feel guilty about taking a shortcut, as I first did.  You may feel like this software decreases your creative approach to homeschooling.  However, it may actually improve it!  You will be free to teach the subjects you love and understand.  Let SOS teach the others!

Longwood, FL


Alpha Omega Switched on Schoolhouse

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